The Best of the Week in Covers – 08.10.2011

Covers find a way. 


The Unwritten #28

Cover by Yuko Shimizu

By law you need to be eating Cracker Jacks and drinking a root beer float when reading this issue. Shimizu is a chameleon, this time perfectly fitting in to the Golden Age. 



The Spirit #17

Cover by Ladronn

The composition here is just spectacular. And that light at the end of the tunnel is a locomotive. 


Blue Estate #5

Cover by Viktor Kalvachev, Toby Cypress, Nathan Fox

I believe that's referred to as an extreme, extreme closeup. 


Batman & Robin #26

Cover by Chris Burnham

We've got Magritte. We've got Dali. A little Kubrick. Maybe even a little Inception. And a whole lot of Burnham, which is the important thing. 


  1. Great choices this week again! We’re on a roll!

  2. That Unwritten cover really stood out amongst all the books on the shelves in the two comic shops I visited this week.  But I didn’t catch that Spirit cover.  Ladronn is so damn good, can’t wait to see him do some interiors again.

  3. All four of these are fantastic.  An excellent week of covers (and comics).

  4. Love the Batman and Robin cover.

  5. Jaw dropping is the only word that comes to mind.

  6. I’m kicking myself for not preordering THE SPIRIT. That’s one heck of a cover.

  7. It’s funny I never knew Nightrunner was on the cover of B&R until I got it in my hands.

    Also, I wish I got the Spirit but my LCS didn’t order any! I definitely want to get the trades of it. 

  8. That B&R cover reminds me of something out of Morrison’s Doom Patrol run.

  9. Those were great covers. That Spirit cover really blew me away

  10. Is there a reason the B&R cover got replaced with Daytripper?

  11. I liked Detective Comics #881, Batman and Robin #26, PunisherMAX #16, and The
    Spirit #17.