The Best of the Week in Covers – 07/28/2010

My favorite cover is probably David Bowie doing Buck Owens and the Buckaroos' "Act Naturally," but seeing as that's never actually happened and this is a comic book website, let's just focus on the best comic book covers to hit the shelves this week. 


Action Comics #891

Cover by David Finch

There's a lot to love about this one, from the B-movie tone, the dramatic lighting and bold color. The whole frame is packed with visual interest, and I think this is one case where the typography doesn't take too much away from the original image. A great cover to a terrific book. 



Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust

Cover by Trevor Hairsine

This one might not stand out immediately, but the off-center framing and the tiny figures in silhouette, gave me pause. This is a true snapshot. In a world of pinups, how often do we see such long shots? Hairsine could've gone in way closer, cheated the angles and made it look pretty dynamic, but with this uncommonly distant vantage, we get the scope of the fall, a better sense of place, and an interesting voyeuristic sensation. 



Thor: The Mighty Avenger

Cover by Chris Samnee

Sheepish celeb Thor is my favorite. The color and lighting are tremendous, suggesting a balmy summer evening under pink and yellow skies. You gotta smile. 



Justice League: Generation Lost #6

Cover by Cliff Chiang

I'm always a fan of Chiang's crisp, bold lines. His work in black and white is magnificent, but when you color between the lines, the results are pretty sublime. In doing these spotlights, I've also learned that I'm obsessed with circles and kanted angles. Here, Chiang employs both to create something of a Time Tunnel homage. Instead of a spiral, though, we get this great linear transition through time with each concentric layer. Toss in the warm to cool color transition, and I'm smitten. 



Unknown Soldier #22

Cover by Dave Johnson

What a delightful cover! With the flowers and textile patterns and the…oh my god, are those skulls! 


  1. Those Unknown Soldier covers are consistently amazing and meaningful.

    I also liked the cover on the Abe Sapien book again this month. I like the bright red. 

  2. Very cool. Abe Sapien is the only other one I might mention. Actually, I really like the cover for Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge, too.

  3. Good covers! I also really liked the Detective Comics and Green Lantern covers this week.

  4. I love Dave Johnson’s covers.


    Wonder Woman 601’s cover satisfied my need for rubble.

  5. Whoa. I hadn’t seen the Unknown Soldier cover. That’s fantastic.

    I also love the "timeline" behind Captain Atom. I hadn’t even noticed it on my copy until I paused to look at it here.

  6. I LOVE the Thor cover. Totally enjoying the book too. I’m just confused as to what it is… An ongoing? a stand alone? Either way, it is a must see!

  7. The JL: Generation Lost cover and the Unknown Soldier are my favourites.  They are absolutely gorgeous.

  8. That Thor cover is fantastic, not unlink the comic meat within.

    But seriously… Time Lincoln for le win.

  9. Gotta go with Unknown Soldier as it just demonstrates how far Johnson’s talents stretch with the right inspiration…

  10. In the Unknown Soldier cover, can anyone else see the boogeyman’s face from "Nightmare before Christmas"?