The Best of the Week in Covers – 07/21/2010

Covers! They're like Junior Mints. In a way.


Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #13

Cover by Arthur Suydam

Back when I started up on the Best of the Week in Covers feature, I promised myself I'd never highlight a Deadpool cover. Some weeks that was actually frustrating, because as much as I want to go back in time and erase the bugger from the global consciousness, he does get to star in a handful of nifty covers. They might be the exception, but anyway. I like this one because it's instantly striking. An homage to Silence of the Lambs, done right. I just love how the contrast really makes the Deadpool moth pop out. This one stopped me in my tracks and that's why it's here.



Batman: Streets of Gotham #14

Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Hello Dali from Dustin Nguyen. I like the original drawing more than the finished cover, but I love how unnerving this image is. It could be a Frankenstein novel cover, emphasis on the Modern Prometheus. A great and unsettling surrealist play on Hush and his bandaged face. The perfect metaphor for the unraveling of a morally grotesque character.


The Marvelous Land of OZ #8

Cover by Skottie Young

Young always delivers a whimsical cover image, but here it's also a little haunting and dramatic. With all the colorful covers in this series, it's also refreshing to see an approach that's all about lighting and Young's masterful line work. It's all atmosphere, all the way.


Web of Spider-Man #10

cover by Marko Djurdjevic

A terrific closeup rife with action and suspense. Plus, Mr. Negative takes up the negative space. That's pretty cool. I also dig the subtlety of the Asian ornamentation in the background. Great use of the frame.


  1. I love that Streets of Gotham cover.  It was almost (but not quite) enough to convince me to buy it.

    I didn’t actually notice that the moth was Deadpool until I saw that cover here.  Not bad. 

  2. A really great batch of covers.  Let’s hear it for the artists!

  3. Those Deadpool pop culture covers always make me chuckle for a second or two. I’m still not picking up the book, but i appreciate the 80s and 90s references. 

  4. "Hello Dali"… hee

  5. Black Widow #4 had a great cover too.

  6. Lovely covers, especially the Deadpool one… Which is made even better by sympathetic text/logo placement (I know I know I’m a dull lil stuck record…) That said when you look at the Streets of Gotham cover with and without text (the without one is on the comics tab of the site) I think that kind of explains what I mean.

    DV8’s cover was very nice as well. Web of Spider Man didn’t really grab me… 

  7. I loved all the covers mentioned here and I thought they were all brilliant. However my favorite this week was the Hellblazer cover. I just thought it was fantastic.