The Best of the Week in… Covers (07/16/09)

I wasn’t blown away with covers this week.  But I did some digging, and I managed to dig out three pretty good efforts.  I might have gone with Scalped #30, but it got plenty of attention over in the POW thread, and Jock is my favorite guy working, so it’s just not fair.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #3
Cover by Karl Kerschl

Kerschl is one of those guys who isn’t a household name, but I think he should be.  He brings this brilliant whimsy to his work, and this is a sort of take on the classic Jaws cover, but with confused animals in bubbles.  It’s fun, slightly suspenseful, and I love how the colors go from dark to light as you approach the surface of the water.

Streets of Gotham #2
cover by Dustin Nguyen

Nearly every cover Nguyen did for Detective Comics was damn impressive and he’s still got it.  I love the watercolor treatment he gives his covers to separate them from the pack.  Further it’s just a great composition, with a neat angle, inducing just a touch of vertigo.  The torn cape starts to tell a story right away too.

The Last Resort #1
cover by Darwyn Cooke

Tell me you wouldn’t notice this from across the store.  Darwyn Cooke.  That’s pretty much all I need to say.  However, it should be noted that it’s so nice to see a zombie book without a bleeding Avenger or another Arthur Suydam cover.

There you go.  Let it rip!


  1. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Not to disagree just to disagree, but I did enjoy the cover to SUPERMAN/BATMAN #62 this week.  The fact that Robin is holding a candle and that he and Supergirl are looking around a bit scared, it reminded me of an old Scooby-Doo episode.  It was just a fun cover.

  2. I love that Scalped cover with the hanging silhouettes.  I also enjoyed the cover to Streets of Gotham #2, but wasn’t as impressed with Dustin Nguyen’s interiors.  I generally love his work, but some of the panels this week looked off.

  3. oooooooooooooooh. What is his Last Resort? I want it. 

    THe Amanda Conner cover isn’t bad either. 

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I thought there were some amazing covers this week. In addition to these:  

    Fables has a great memento mori cover, Young Liars is all Lichtenstein, Punisher has a nice little composition (looks like he’s sitting in front of the cover of Dune), and Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape has that cool motion blur thing going. 

  5. @Paul – The Fables cover made my skin crawl (in a good way).

  6. I thought STREETS OF GOTHAM, SCALPED, and FABLES had the best covers this week.

    Neat article. 😀

  7. I love the Incognito cover, if only because of the neon yellow distinguishes it from each previous issue.  I’m also a big fan of the Action covers.  They’ve been solid throughout all of Rucka’s run.

  8. Fables. Fables. Fables. That cover is spooky, cool and dangerous.

  9. I think I’m going to be having to pick up "Pet Avengers" once the trade hits.

  10. Yeah Scalped was definitely the best of the week by far. Incognito had a great evil scientist cover.

  11. My cover picks this week: Scalped, Streets of Gotham and Pet Avengers.

  12. No love for the awesome Deadpool cover?

  13. Though I loathe deeply, to the very depths of my soul the phrase "no love for," that Deadpool cover is a good one.

  14. Pet Avengers is adorable with those confused pets trapped in bubbles. 

    The Deadpool cover looks great. Reminds me of the Spy Vs. Spy comic strips. 

  15. Question:

    Is this article limited by the single book format or could an image that is stretched across multiple issues be considered?  Specifically referring to the GL Tales mini.  I thought that those covers formed together to be one image.  Or would that have to be separate, like an honorable mention category??  Not saying it should be the pick, but just wondering.

  16. We don’t really have rules for it.

  17. Oh come on! I’m sorry I know this is making me sound like a Deadpool uber-fan. (when am I not?) But Deadpool #12 clearly is one of the best covers of the week. Even josh says it’s a good one!

    Pet Avengers is a bad cover but I will conceed Streets of Gotham and Last Resort are pretty good. Last Resort is my favorite of what you choose, cause I like that style of art.

  18. @josh-Cool.  Thanks

  19. Even though I don’t read it I love the Superman/Batman cover.

  20. These are all nice, and I second the Superman/Batman comments.  I know nothing about that book but my eyes kept coming back to it on the shelf.

  21. Scalped gave me goosepimps (as the Brits say)

    I also really enjoyed the Creepy Comics #1 cover

  22. @josh – I have no love for zombie books, but I may have to pick up The Last Resort just for the cover.

  23. The Last Resort was really good.  I gave it a five, and I’m not a zombie fan.  Fun stuff.

  24. @josh – Have you read World War Z?  Fantastically realistic zombie book.  I’m guessing Last Resort is a much less serious approach.

  25. No such thing as best cover, it’s like saying Red is a superior colour to blue.

    So Josh picking three that grabbed his eye is hardly a condemnation of everything else. I like the style of Last Resort. Nothing truly grabbed me this, I saw deadpool and it doesn’t tickle me at all. 

  26. @stuclach – I know of it, but my prose stack isn’t taking requests at the moment.  It is monstrous and terrible.

    @Crucio – you can’t reason with them!  Your attempts at logic and peace will surely destroy us all!

  27. @Josh. Is Kerschl doing the Flash strip in Wednesday Comics or am I mixing up names again?

  28. Nope.  That’s Kerschl again, and he’s rocking that too.

  29. I have to agree with masterj, but we saw the completed image in promotion material and Blackest Night #0. #blackestnight, wait we don’t do that here. Sorry. 😉

  30. Streets of Gotham gets my vote, although I think the Scalped cover was my favorite this week.

  31. Killer #9 for the win.

  32. Streets of Gotham is a great cover, it nearly had me buying it.

  33. @Josh. That man can draw. Seriously.

  34. that Streets of Gotham cover is sick

  35. I thought Streets of Gotham, and Mister Negative were the best covers of my comics this week. Deadpool and Batman/Superman were decent too.

  36. The Blackest Night cover has lit up my computer screen for many months, so it is definitely one of my picks for best of the week. Fables is great as well. I am completely enamored with the Captain America cover though.