The Best of the Week in Covers – 07/08/2010

Covers! Sometimes they tell you what's happening inside, and sometimes they just don't. They're like Carol in HR that way. 

Let's talk about something else.

Hey, some covers!


Sweet Tooth #11

Cover by Jeff Lemire and Jose Villarrubia

Ranking somewhere between Dane Cook and a leopard shark on the list of things you'd least like to see on a sonogram is this image from folk fantasist Jeff Lemire. The texture and finish are perfect, featuring a simple dirty color wash to recreate both the murkiness of the womb as well as the ravages of time on a diasgnostic printout. We've even got numerical readouts and scale to make it feel like a real document. Something extra ominous and unsettling about the pairing of hard science with the rustic logo.


Brightest Day: The Atom Special

Cover by Gary Frank

None of this happens in the book (which was a lot of fun, by the way), but it's a terrific character-defining image. It's all about that huge shift in scale, the juxtaposition of a superhero with the little guys. Lizards and beetles are often the inspiration for masked villains, but they're usually not the threat themselves. For the Atom, that's a concern that comes with the power set. In Gary Frank's case, it's an advantage, allowing him the opportunity to make a chameleon's tongue into something pretty dangerous. I love everything about this, from the joke and action, to the color and texture of the animals. 


Scarlet #1

Cover by Alex Maleev

Variant cover by David Lafuente

Nothing more striking than a pair of guns aimed at your heart. Except maybe the bullets themselves. Maleev's sure to have several more interesting pinups for the issues ahead, but not a bad way to get your attention from the get-go. But of all the many covers produced for this debut issue, my favorite is surely David Lafuente's variant. Here, Scarlet feels much more like the character we meet inside the book, one girl against the whole wide world. We've yet to meet the full cast of characters depicted in the background, but it's a nice glimpse into the future. It also shows just how big a story this may prove to be. In one sense, Scarlet is the story of a woman backed into a corner. But something tells me it may also be about the people who put her there and the people who'll be willing to help her out. 


  1. That Carol is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

    I love Mr. Quietly’s cover to Batman and Robin #13 (the same can be said for every Quietly Batman and Robin cover). 

    I also enjoyed the cover on Hellboy: The Storm #1.  Hellboy with a sword.  No messy logos.  That’s just cool.

    I like that Sweet Tooth cover, as well.  It is well executed and matches the story. 


  2. I would’ve added that Quitely cover as well. Gorgeous.

  3. Chris Samnee’s Thor cover is definitely my fave of the week.

  4. I think this is one of the best week in covers this year. I can’t think of a single bad cover and there are so many to choose here. These three are a great start but we also have:

    Batman and Robin #13 (including variant), Brightest Day #5, Super-Solider #1, Batman Odyssey #1, iZombie #3, Walking Dead #74, Hellboy: The Storm #1, Secret Six #23, MiracleMan Family’s Finest #1, Vengence of Moon Knight #10, The Boys #44, X-Women #1, Hit-Monkey #1, House of Mystery #27….

    Such a great week in comic covers! 

  5.  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during that ultrasound.

    And "murkiness of the womb"? I don’t know about you Paul, but none of the wombs I’ve visited have been murky.

  6. @drake: I think it went something like this.

    Doctor: All right here is Mrs. Jepperd’s ultrasound. Now let’s just see what we have….AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! 

  7. this makes Sweet Tooth into a horror sorta like Extro. Too many excellant choices this week….

  8. Right, wrong, wrong and right, in my own VERY humble opinion 🙂 🙂

    Pesonally I think the Scalped/unwanted cover is absolutely gorjus, with Demo, GI Joe, JSA All stars and Hit Monkey all looking pretty sweet this month too.

    But as always love the page 🙂 

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’ll try harder next time, teach. 

  10. Hurrah! And don’t forget eyeflow + bibliography 🙂 Hang on I’ve just noticed something – was your icon winking before that comment or am I just imagining it?

    Diff subject it’s a shame you can’t get a hold of the cover artwork without text on it because 9 times out of 10 that’s the most jarring aspect for me (which I know then makes it less about cover art and more about a standalone image but the screen furniture often seems thoughtlessly and tactlessly bolted on (especially the barcodes which… just ugh…) The Atom one seems especially discordant.


  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I usually can get the cover without the logos and bar codes. We choose to present the finished cover when possible. 

  12. Furniture/logo completist. It’s all abouts the arts I tell ya.