The Best of the Week in Covers – 06/02/2010

I'm not sure if you cats and kittens are aware of this, but I was once a violent and meticulous samurai warrior. I'm not proud of that fact, and have been working on my anger issues ever since. These days I try to write around 4 to seven haiku poems each morning in the bathtub. Today, I'm devoting them to the best covers of the week.


The Thanos Imperative #1

cover by Aleksi Briclot

Space opera poster!

Their cosmic streams uncross'd

Rocket Raccoon; whoa!


G.I. Joe Origins #16

cover by Tom Feister

Orange manslaughter

You Don't Mess with the Zartan

Kills or complements?



The Killer: Modus Vivendi #2

cover by Luc Jacamon

Man and boy on lam

The green, green depths envelop

Is that poison oak?


Avengers: The Origin #3

cover by Phil Noto

"Janet, I love you!"

"Hank, I will always be there."

"There in your helmet!"


Superman/Batman Annual #4

cover by Art Germ

Canted logo? Odd.

Future imperfect? Perfect!

Tomorrow's Finest.


What I miss?


  1. paul posted haikus

    why does he do this to me?

    edward slaps face hard

  2. Irredeemable’s "B" cover by Tommy Patterson (Plutonian with a broken Statue of Liberty floating in the background) was stunning.  Adventure Comics #12 also had a good cover, but Superboy’s super abs freak me out.

  3. I lilke your choices P Mont.

  4. Thanos looks very nice.

    I like these selections, man.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. The week’s best covers

    are even better this week

    thanks to the haikus.

  6. haiku syllables

    should always be five seven five

    just my opinion

  7. I suck at any type of poems. So I applaud anyone (and everyone) that can do it well.

    The Rest: The covers for Sweet Tooth have been great so far. The best came with this week’s issue with Sweet Tooth #10. I don’t know what Lemire is taking, but it’s making him do great covers. Stanley Lau has done some great covers this year, and he’s been the ‘quiet’ man as cover artists go. This week he provides an awesome rendition of a kung-fu robot with Great Ten #8. Gurihiru should be getting more work because of another adorable cover for Thor and the Warriors 4 #3.

    The Worst: Nothing really ‘bad’ this week with covers. Like the week itself, everything else was ‘meh’. 

    Best Trade Cover: Breathtaking cover by Stuart Immonen with his and his wife’s GN; Moving Pictures

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @zenman – I know mine are 5,7,5. Oddly, yours is 5,8,5… 

  9. Thanos was awesome.  Mouse Guard should always be a contender as well…

  10. That Thanos cover is beautiful.