The Best of the Week in Covers – 06.08.2011

I found a man who has a PhD in personality, 

That man you found may be a catastrophe, 
It's more of a reality. 

He has the cutest smile, the girls go wild everytime they see his face. 
He may be cute and all but that don't pay this month's rent (Covers). 
Hangin' with my man is such a high (Covers). 
Well, it's good to have a friend in both our lives (Covers). 

Count it out. Here we go. Here we go.

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1

Covers by Sean Murphy and Cliff Chiang

If Scott Snyder were a hack–which he very much isn't–I'd say he must've made a pact with the devil. Working with Rafael Albuquerque, Jock, Francesco Francavilla, and now Sean Murphy AND Cliff Chiang? It's a Who's Who of What's Happening Now. Maybe even What's Happening Next. Anyways, nobody looks cooler than 40s vampire hunter Cash McCogan. Unless she's Felicia Book. 


Morning Glories #10

Cover by Rodin Esquejo

A simple, evocative idea executed with downright elegance. Contrast this to what Marvel and DC often do with the bar codes and movie banners on their covers. 


Deadpool #28

Cover by Dave Johnson

Fun with typography. This technique elevates a fairly standard montage of Hulk beating the bejesus out of Deadpool (fun in its own right) to something genuinely striking. 


Scalped #49

Cover by Jock

What do the owls want?! This is not a pleasant tree. It's the other kind. 


Blue Estate #3

Cover by Viktor Kalvachev

It's all a little sexy and spooky and alluring and then…then you notice the jumper cables. 


  1. good variety of covers. Happy to see AV up there; both versions. And Jock continues to blow me away!

  2. That Cliff Chiang cover is incredible.  Wow.

  3. I did not notice the jumper cables.  Now I want to read that book.

  4. That Green Lantern movie banner is such an eyesore. I really think that it being there should exclude DC books from BotW in Covers until it comes off. At least Marvel’s Captain America banner is only slapped onto appropriate books.

  5. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ActualButt  Why punish the very deserving DC cover artists any more than the publisher already has with the banner? 

  6. The American Vampire cover is really sweet (i’m not so much on the alt with just the girl)

    @PaulMontgomery  –what do you mean by the barcode thing on morning glories? are you saying that the venetian blinds shadow effect is functioning as a barcode? or are you just talking about how the big 2 tend to crap their covers up with all that extra? 

  7. @Paul Touche.

  8. The morning glories cover is fantastic. I seem to remember a similar cover about 11 years ago that Matt Wagner did for a Grendel book. It’s a striking image, one that would make me pick up the comic and look at it in a store. While it doesn’t have any action at all, it just grabs you and makes you want to know more about the story behind the scene. Really great stuff.

  9. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @wallythegreenmonster  The second one. Though I applaud the tinfoil hattedness of the former. 😉

  10. Wait, does that lion have thumbs??

  11. @PaulMontgomery  — tinfoil hattedness… ha! love it. yeah thinking about image covers i love how they often even use the back cover real estate as well ala Jake Ells. I’m sure they realize that the ad sale dollars on book runs that small aren’t enough to justify the crapification of the cover art. 

  12. Hulk Trolling Deadpool is so funny.  “Problem?”

  13. I didn’t notice the Hulk Trolling parody until someone pointed it out on Monday. Just more great covers by Dave Johnson. It’s also one of the few covers that delivers what the book promises.

  14. That green lantern banner is really distracting on jock’s cover.

  15. What do you guys find more obnoxious? The Green Lantern banners or the 20 page Super 8 ad’s in the middle of all DC books? I thought the banners were bad, and extremely annoying on artistic covers. But after that Super 8 ad popped up for the 8th time in a couple weeks, I’ll deal with all the banner ads we have to so as to avoid that becoming a trend in comics. 

  16. @j206  The Super 8 thing is annoying but it’s really awful to have the Green Lanter banner on Vertigo books. I’m gonna see it and I’m sure I’ll like it, but I don’t want to see it on all my books, especially non-hero, Vertigo books.