The Best of the Week in Covers – 04/21/10

If we were to sit on a park bench on some clandestine stakeout, monitoring subjects involved in the theft of a priceless diamond as big as your fist, we'd never conceal ourselves behind these particular books with holes cut out for our eyes. Because they's simply too pretty. 

These are the best covers of the week. 

Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill #5

cover by Richard Isanove and Jae Lee

I'm reminded of a particulary divisive game of dodgeball from the morning of March 14th, 1996. I'd been a pacifist. An objector. "Why not use these balls for four square!" I'd yowled, just moments before my friend Andy was taken out by a salvo of red, spherical fury. I also recall a Valentines day in college when I asked a girl in my acting class for her number, typed it into my phone, and then stupidly closed the thing before saving the information after she'd walked off. Standing there in the rain, wondering if I ought to run after her and fix my mistake, knowing it'd be two weeks before seeing her in class again, not wanting to seem like a dick for getting her information and never calling, also not wanting to look like a douche for running after, out of breath, and asking again. I'll let you guess which option I chose. Anyway, this image stings of loss in ways both relatable and wholly unimaginable.



Guardians of the Galaxy #25

cover by Alex Garner

Yes, it's a pinup. No, it's not nearly so dynamic as the typical batch of covers. But if you're as big a fan of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline as I am, you're just as excited about this image of Thanos lurching out of the mists of death. It's a bold and powerful stance, with a cold, steely palette. Just the hint of the skulls covering the battlefield in the bottom left. Those gleaming red eyes totally sell it. Dude's pissed. I love that the confines of the cover can barely contain him, and that the emphasis is placed on his bare fingers. "I want my rings!" Well, Thanos, you'll have to start picking up those Blackest Night ties ins and hope your shop still has some left over.



Wall-E #5

cover by Morgan Luthi

Waaaaaaaaaaaaall-E! Okay, this one jumped out at me immediately. I'm a huge, huge fan of the film as well as the design of this incredible character, essentially the butt end of a pair of binoculars. Wall-E has no mouth, so everything need be expressed through his eyes, which have enough points of articulation to convey feelings of sadness, wonder, fear, happiness, and everything in between. This is unfiltered contentedness here, and looking at it just gives me the warm and happys. It's simple and direct with emphasis placed squarely on our hero's face and his reaction to discovering new music. There's something so pure about that. We can get carried away with all the passions of our hobby, even to the point where we get in heated arguments over this thing we love, whether it's music or comics or whatever. I'm taking this as a reminder of the simpler joys of art, that solace you can feel when you unearth something, a treasure, that seems like it was meant just for you. A connection between people who love great stories, great imagery, great art. The reason this whole thing started. 


Okay, wondernauts. What gave you the warm and happys this week? 


  1. nova was awsome

  2. I love that Jericho Hill cover (almost as much as your explanation).  It’s too bad the actual comic was so disappointing.

    I also like the cover on Azrael #7 (but not enough to buy the issue).  I find it genuinely gruesome and intimidating.

  3. That Wall-E cover is positively soothing.  Pardon me while I stare at it for a few minutes.

  4. Jae Lee draws the same cover every. single. time. Triangular composition. Character atop a mound of rocks, dirt, dead bodies etc. Nebulous background.

    I hate it!

  5. Paul, you crack me up every time! Your commentary is even better than the covers!

  6. I’ve said this before, Paul, but I wish you’d do more than three covers a week just so we get more of your thoughts. Consistantly enjoyable.

    But that WALL-E was top-notch. Thanks for showing that cover off a bit more. Makes me want to go watch the movie again.

  7. It just struck me that Guardians of the Galaxy has people named Walker and Hennessy working on it. How positively… alcoholic.


  8. Gotta go with Amazing Spidey this week. Reminded me of a Ditko cover from the ’60’s

  9. @Paul – Wow! I feel like opening a vein after reading that Dark Tower commentary. What you should have done was whipped out a red dodgeball from that pocket dimension all comic fans have access to and whipped it at that girl. Then you could have done the "avert your eyes skyward and whistle with your hands casually behind your back" thing when she turned around.

    And dodgeballs, that sound they made when they bounced. It is unlike any other bouncing sound in the universe. A basketball has a very solid-sounding "bunk" kind of noise. Tennis balls – more a "thushk" sound. Dodgeballs – a very effeminante "bink" sound, which is ironic when you consider they are used to inflict bodily harm.

    My favorite covers – The Spirit 1 and Power Girl 11.

  10. If you’re ever feeling low, that WALL-E cover will make you better.

    The Pile: All the titles I have are very good, weird isn’t it? Azrael has another mind blowing Mattina cover. Green Lantern has a fantastic Doug Mahnke drawing. Finally Brave and the Bold and Joe the Barbarian has their respective artists showcasing their talents on the cover. Good week of covers.

    The Rest: The Spirit #1 looks like another great artist is involved with the character. Doomwar #3 had another inventive cover by JRJR.  Archie #608 for giving me a double take every time on the internet. You got some good things going when Josie and the Pussycats come walking in.

    The Worst: Elephantmen #25. Look I’m sure this is a great series and I won’t judge it just on the cover alone but…..Jesus Christ that thing gives me nightmares.

    Best Trade Cover: Dial H for Hero Showcase. For giving us the reminder that comics back in the day….we’re weird. 

  11. That Thanos cover is so awesome.  Also, that issue was badass.

  12. The Spirit #1. The perspective is impecable, the texture of the sewer is amazing. Ladrönn is doing great work with those by the look of the previews.

  13. @Simon

    100% correct.