The Best of the Week in Covers – 04.13.2011

One of my favorite covers is Frank Sinatra's take on M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes"…from ten years after he died! I can't think of the YouTube url off the top of my head. 

Batgirl #20

Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Not all car crashes are poetry. I know this because my father operates a tow truck. And he made me watch police videos of the the recovery efforts as a child. Not as a cautionary measure, but because he liked to review them in the way a football coaches go over gameplay footage. "Is that guy still alive? The tarp is moving." This may be part of the reason I don't enjoy driving. I should talk to my therapist about this. I should maybe also have a therapist. Anyway, this car crash is poetry. There's also the perfect amount of detail on the car itself. It's not over-rendered. I love the pink against the zebra stripe background. 



Punisher Max #12

Cover by Dave Johnson

To be gory and elegant at the same time? That's a paradox you'll find in some of the best and highest forms of art. Spaghetti westerns come to mind. The perspective here is pretty dope. How the skull key runs perpendicular to its own shadow. The loose, almost gesture sketch quality of the cell door, and those big fists, remind me of Cooke's Parker books. 



The Lone Ranger: The Death of Zorro #2

Cover by Francesco Francavilla 

Francavilla makes the Lone Ranger look as grave and intimidating as Batman. That's no small feat. More importantly, it's appropriate that he's done so. There is hell to be paid. 



Birds of Prey #11

Cover by Stanley Artgerm Lau

This reminds me a great deal of my own first kiss. Except she was pointing the mini-crossbow openly at my jugular. And it was raining. People pay homage to cheesy romance novel covers all the time. More often than not, they over-do it. this is pitch perfect. It almost fools you into thinking it's 100% free of irony. And then you see those weapons, like crossed fingers behind the back. Just right. 


  1. That Batgirl cover is fantastic.

    Maybe your dad should have a therapist? 

  2. nice batgirl cover…

  3. Francavilla is just scary good some times, the look on the Lone Rangers face shows u he is coming for a pound of flesh.

  4. Kudos to Lau as well for making Catman look decidedly different from Batman. And that Lone Ranger cover? Wow!

  5. Another great crop of covers. love the kinetic energy of that Batgirl cover!

  6. Huntrass.
    Too far?

  7. Digging the Long Ranger cover

  8. I was going to say Huntress might want to do some squats or lay of the burgers. That bottom is not up to Superhero Comics Tight Ass Code… oh wait, that just went away.

  9. My favorite cover this week was the Incredible Hulks.  Awesome!

  10. I loved the Amazing Spider-man cover this week but Bat Girl’s was really well done

  11. These are all great.

    I was hoping that BOP cover would make it this week. Even if my girlfriend AND her roomate made fun of me when it was on top of my stack. Philistines.

    As far as Huntress’ butt; it may be a fictional butt, but my oh my is it a nice fictional butt. Nothin wrong with a little meat on the bones fellas.

  12. LOVE the batgirl cover

  13. My parents also own a towing company. It’s nice to bond with other people who grew up surrounded by death and destruction.

  14. I really loved the Batgirl cover when I saw in the stands…and actually spent a few minutes admiring that cover…and I STILL didnt even notice the speedster villain (Slipstream?)  at the bottom of the cover until I saw it here in the column.

    Kudos on the Lone Ranger and BOP covers as well!