The Best of the Week in Covers – 03.30.2011


Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a cover, but she was another man. All the girls around her say she's got it covered, but she gets it while she can. 


American Vampire #13

Covers by Rafael Albuquerque and Sean Murphy

This one is truly striking in person, with incredibly bold reds and blues. the blue reminds me a great deal of Cooke's Parker series, especially with those hints of yellow in there. I can't pin it down, but Albuquerque has a quality perfectly suited to war comics, and it feels like the series has always been leading to this point. 

As for Murphy's variant cover, it might be the Indiana Jones movie I've always wanted to see. A perfect addition to the franchise. 



Amazing Spider-Man #657

cover by Marcos Martin

I like to imagine there's a man out there who read original Lee and Ditko Spider-Man stories as a child, then stopped because he was kidnapped by pirates or smugglers or something. Upon his release decades later, he stops into a comic shop to pick up the latest ASM. He'd be really happy about Marcos Martin's artwork. It'd feel like the one constant in a world racked by change. That's not to say that Martin's work is outdated or derivative, just that it's a fitting update to a classic tradition. There's a wonderful atmosphere in this cover, not quite loneliness, not quite warmth. This is Peter in fond remembrance. 



Green Hornet Year One #9

Cover by Francesco Francavilla

Francavilla at his pulpy best. This is the Green Hornet film I want to see. 



Zatanna #11

Cover by Adam Hughes

Consider me ensorcelled. I am thrilled that we live in a time when each month yields a new Zatanna cover. 



Incognito: Bad Influences #5

Cover by Sean Phillips

Color selection and isolation isn't simply a gimmick for point and shoot cameras and Ikea prints. The super-saturated red of the gun against the achromatic figures makes for a bold image. I love how the blood dripping from Overkill's nose is almost an extension of the gun. 



  1. Marvel didn’t do Marcos Martin any favors by placing the ISBN barcode where it did. Really takes away from the beauty of that cover.

  2. I loved all these covers and I also thought that the Green Lantern Emerald Knights cover was good as well.

  3. Whats that in the sky? A BARCODE!

  4. Another fantastic cover by Marcos Martin. Reaaaaally looking forward to seeing his work on Daredevil.

  5. @Paul: I never knew I wanted to see Indiana Jones vs Vampires until this moment, but now I so want them to make that movie.  Damn you!

  6. Man, what a week for covers! Really expected to see Detective on here, but I can see how difficult Paul’s job was this week. Those American Vampire covers are definitely my favorites.

    @Paul: You’re killin me with the intros this week! Mad Men yesterday and the Beatles today? Get out of my head!

    @Hornhead: Amen. A Waid/Martin Daredevil is bringing me back to Hell’s Kitchen for the first time in years.  

  7. The Zatanna covers have been consistently stupendous.

  8. Marvel always tries to do  interesting things with the barcode box placement which always makes for interesting layouts. That Spidy cover is great. 

  9. I definitly expected the Detective cover to be on here. Eric Powell’s fold-out Godzilla cover is my pick by far.

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like the Detective Cover, but ultimately I think it’s just a little too busy. Prefer what Francavilla did with GH. 

  11. That Zatanna cover blew me away! Stunning!

  12. I really do love the ASM covers as of late and this week’s doesn’t disappoint. Im not reading Zatanna but I do love that cover. I do think that an honorable mention for this week’s BotWiC has to be Amanda Connor’s Jimmy Olson #1. This world needs some more Amanda Connor.

  13. Love that Spidey cover! Marcos martin was put on this planet to draw Spider-Man. He’s just the perfect guy for the job. 

  14. Criminal and Incognito have some of the best covers ever. I would like to see cover collection.

  15. Marcos Martin is perfect for Spiderman.

  16. @muddi900  Diddo, phillips one of my favorites by far.

  17. Simmons brought up a good point. Would it have KILLED Marvel to put the price/barcode on the back or inside cover?