The Best of the Week in Covers – 02.02.2011

Covers make me feel like a natural women. 


If that makes you feel uncomfortable…


Freedom Fighters #6

Cover by Dave Johnson

Somewhere up there, Betsy Ross is all hot and bothered. 



Marvel Vault: Doctor Strange

Cover by Mario Alberti

What's black and white and red all over? A mortally wounded skunk falling from an overpass. But that has little to do with this wonderful image of ol' Doc Strange doing some incantatin'. His cloak has taken on a Spawn-like quality, billowing out to greet us. The wisps of ethereal fog are irregular; no uniform patterns. That one section looks like an animal's ribcage. The asymmetry really lends something sinister to the proceedings. But the real kicker is that contrast between Strange's colorful form and the desaturated scenery. 



Superman 80-Page Giant (Winter, 2011) 

Cover by Dustin Nguyen


I can't get enough of Nguyen's style. It's not the traditional look for a Superman cover, but this isn't a traditional Superman book. Here we have a celebration of Superman's world and his family. It's a collection of stories for up and coming talent, and frankly, from a lot of people who would never be able to get a run on Action Comics or Superman, regardless of their talent. Not yet anyway. As for the image itself, I love the watercolor approach to the coloring and the subtle X of the composition. Everything seems to project outward from the center there, with the back-to-back relationship of Lex and Superman serving as the epicenter. 


Thor: For Asgard #6

Cover by Simone Bianchi

With this series, Bianchi's been racking up a collection of covers with the kind of majesty and gravity you'd expect from Frazetta or Ross, without really riffing on either of them. That's pretty damned impressive. 


  1. Love that Superman cover.

    P.S. Everything makes me feel like a natural woman. 

  2. Dave Fn’ Johnson! I would love an art book about his covers.

  3. Stephen looks disturbingly like Ra’s al Ghul on that cover.

  4. I like that Freedom Fighters cover, but that “Drawing the Line at 2.99” logo is a real eyesore, especially the way its yellow background clashes with the with the yellowy-green background of the Freedom Fighters logo.

  5. I  like how the Thor book almost completely hides its subtitle.

  6. That Thor looks real good.

  7. All awesome except Thor, would be cool if he was wearing his normal costume

  8. Needs more Juan Doe! check out his amazing cover for Iron Man: Legacy #11!

  9. Nguyen’s depiction of Supergirl, Jimmy and Steel are standouts. His Krypto ain’t half bad either. 

  10. Thor cover is intense!

  11. Thank you! Finally, someone pays attention to Bianchi’s work on Thor: For Asgard.

  12. Gullem March’s cover for Azrael #17 was really good too. Had nothing to do with the issue itself; but man it’s stuff like that that make me think that March has improved as an artist. A year ago I didn’t want to see anything by him, but now a days he is doing some great work. Especially with the covers.