The Best of the Week in… Covers (01/14/10)

Comic book covers? Yeah, they're cool.


S.W.O.R.D. #3
S.W.O.R.D. #3
Cover by John Cassaday

Oh, that Lockheed! So adorable. So deadly.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31
Cover by Georges Jeanty

When I was checking out at the comic store on Wednesday, the guy behind the counter held up my copy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the above cover and turned to the owner and said "See? I told ya." When I enquired as to what exactly it was that he was told, it was explained to me that every other month, the painted covers by Jo Chen are way more popular than the Georges Jeanty drawn covers. But this month the Georges Jeanty cover was flying off the shelf while the Jo Chen covers sat quietly. I explained that the reason for the disparity was that this pop art-inspired cover is fantastic.



Amazing Spider-man #617
Amazing Spider-Man #617
Cover by Max Fiumara

The striking image of Rhino busting through the comic book cover coming right at us is punctuated by his scary eyes that peer into my soul and lay bare all of its secrets and lies.

Those are my favorite comic book covers from this week!


  1. I thought X-Men Origins: Cyclops was nice, even if it is a pose I feel like I’ve seen 100 times before. I liked how it appeared to be lit completely by the optic beams. I like that the they went with a dark red for the title.  It may not have been the best marketing choice, as it could be hard to see from a distance, but it really worked with the cover. I normally can’t stand Adi Granov covers, but this one down played the CGI look they normally have.

    But that S.W.O.R.D. cover is by far one of my favorite covers of the last few months. 

  2. wow, for the first time in forever i pulled all the books on this list. excellent choices sir. SWORD is just a badass little cover

  3. I wonder if Rhino can see out of the costume eyes?

  4. Rhino, he can’t!

  5. I love the Rhino cover, and I also love the variants for it. Not a fan of Marvel variants cause of the recent news, but if it was the 90’s then those ASM variants would be cool to own.

    Out of what I bought: Catwoman #83 had a great Adam Hughes cover. He draws sexy women but he didn’t really do a pinup for the cover. A striking image of Selina holding a bloody skull with a (Mike Mignola lite) skeleton behind her.

    Best trade cover: Human Target TPB by Tim Bradstreet.

    Worst Cover of the week: Titans #21.

  6. Agree with the second 2, but I really think that the Adventure Comics cover deserved a nod. The color, the excitement, the word balloon.

  7. Call me crazy but I don’t get the sword cover, not knock just not my bag. I also loved the spidey variants

  8. Very good choices! I almost picked up the buffy one, eventhough I don’t know much about the comic or the tv series.

    I did pick up the Catwoman issue just cause of Adam Hughes cover. X-Men Origins one looks cool too.

  9. I really don’t like Cassaday’s SWORD covers. They seemed phoned in. I think there is going to be a new cover artist next month and for that, I am grateful.

    The ASM cover was very striking. I think ASM as a whole has had great covers since OMD.


  10. I almost always go with the Jeanty cover. I think it’s generally better. Nothing against Jo Chen, but those painted covers seem to have gotten less and less inspired over the past couple years.

  11. The Invincible Iron Man and Punisher Max covers were also great this week.

  12. I hate to be negative, but the sword cover, kinda meh.

  13. @RoiVampire: I’m the opposite. I didn’t pick any of these issues up.

    I really liked the X-Men Origins: Cyclops and the Adventure Comics covers as well.  I’m going to miss Johns and Manupal on Adventure Comics.

  14. i likes me some Secret Six # 17.

     this SWORD pick is cool, but.. a bit cheesy, or something.

    ASM is awesome. love it.

     and.. Buffy.. no sir, i don’t like it. no means no and i get a forced entry kind of vibe from it o_O

  15. I tried to switch to the Jeanty cover this week (my stack is random with regard to books with multiple cover choices), but it was sold out at my store!

  16. Booster Gold #28.

  17. Wow, I don’t buy issues but the spider-man cover is awesome!

  18. DMZ cover was pretty creative.

  19. I think the Spidey cover is my fave from this week.  I love the SWORD cover, even if I don’t get the book.

  20. Cool spidey cover

  21. Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #3