The Best of the Week in… Covers (01/07/10)

Did you know that the front page of a comic book periodical is called a comic book cover? Yes! It's true! Here are the three best from this week.


Stumptown #2
Stumptown #2
Cover by Matthew Southworth

People Who Complain That Comic Book Covers Don't Reflect The Story Inside: I present to you, Stumptown #2 and its cover that shows multiple scenes from the interior. I love the graphic design here. I love the logo. I love that the area under the logo is distressed. I love that there is a muted scene from the book. Just about everything about this cover is unconventional and unlike every other book on the racks.



Superman World of New Krypton #11
Superman: World of New Krypton #11
Cover by Gary Frank

I love this cover because it shows me something that I've never seen before, and as someone who has been reading comics for almost 30 years, that's saying something. Here we have a bruised and battered Superman — he has a black eye! — who appears to be caught in a hopeless situation against a group of equally matched oppenents. It would seem that he has no hope. And he's loving it. Check out the look he's throwing Adam Strange! I love when Superman is allowed to show emotion and here he seems to be saving "We've got these bozos right where we want them… isn't this great?" He's having fun!



Forgetless #2
Forgetless #2
Cover by Marley Zarcone

The meta commentary in this cover is great. The kids from the back-up story are in desperate search of the Forgetless party whose promotional poster was last issue's cover. And there it is plastered on the side of some construction site. It's the little things.

Those are my favorite comic book perdiodical covers! Good day, sir or madam! I said good day!


  1. That Wonk cover is badass

    I think my fav this week was ultimate spider-man

  2. I totally loved superman getting a black eye and liking it! He is a bad ass after all. Stumptown was very cool too, just like the first one. Forgetless made me want to buy both issues.

    My favorite was the variant cover for Blackest Night  #6 …


  3. A black eye? I thought Superman was wearing a monacle. Never mind…

  4. Yeah, that WONK cover is indeed spectacular. 

  5. I really dig The Mighty #12’s cover this week.  At a passing glance Agent Cole looks exactly like Alpha-One.

  6. It’s a shame the WoNK cover has almost nothing to do with anything happening in the book… other than Adam Strange being there. 😉

    I think by far the best cover this week was the one for Weird Western Tales #72. Great design work. Forgetless has a fun cover

  7. @Jarvin-seriously. i don’t remember seeing a rumble in Kandor!

    I like the Marvel Boy: The Uranian cover. 

  8. It’s a metaphor for the story inside.

  9. @RoiVampire @DarthDuck @PraxJarvin – "WoNK" … haha I like acronym!

  10. @Conor-A bad metaphor.

  11. I disagree.

  12. I saw that WoNK cover in the shop, and immediaetly thought it was a lock for this segment.

  13. I don’t read The Boys but their cover this week was awesome.

  14. Orc Stain #1 had my favorite cover of the week, even the back cover was cool!

  15. That black eye stands out like a dinosaur at a petting zoo.  What a great cover.

    Has anyone read "Forgetless"?  If I had more money I would have bought it.  Might get the trade if I hear good things.

  16. Out of all the books I picked, Batman Confidential had a sweet Sam Kieth cover.

    I probably would say the WONK cover is the best overall.

    Best trade cover? The Timely Annuals 70th Anniversary HC. Sweet Daniel Acuna cover which was used for the All Winners one-shot from last year.

  17. The world of Krypton cover looks like a buddy cop poster from the 80’s. And that’s a good thing. That’s a hell of a fun cover.

  18. The boys. Hands down the best cover this week. Story was ok, cover was fantastic

  19. I particularly liked the Punisher cover.  Of the above I’d have to agree with the WONK mania.

  20. That Forgetless cover is great. Haven’t heard much about the story. Anyone reading it here?

  21. @davidtobin I’ve read it twice and it’s excellent

  22. @davidtobin100: Yes, and its great.

  23. I loved the Boys cover this week, talk about standing out on the shelf!

  24. Can’t we leave the movie-poster-homage covers to Suydam?

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  26. The Superman cover portrays the reason that mankind may never see the mass production of the elusive, personal jet pack: major ass burning risk.

  27. The Stumptown cover is great. Very noir and it has a detective-like feeling. Great choices of color too, yellow, blue and black. Its a cover made to attract the buyer by yelling: Hey! Im your detective comic book that u are searching for! Stop looking in other directions! Actually, this cover made to decide to give this comic book a chance if it will be published in TBP form.