The Best of the Week In Comments and Reviews – 05/17/10

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Last week, it was revealed that Star Wars: Legacy was done after 50 issues. A surprising number of posters mentioned that they were fans of the book, and this was a very level headed response to the news, from someone who clearly knows and appreciates the material.

SamIAm's Comment

I love this book and it was one of the first comics that got me into reading comics every week. So, for me it feels like I am losing a good friend. While I am deeply sad to see this comic go, I saw this coming because they did the same thing to The Knights of the Old Republic series. They want the series to end on a high note and not to drag it on for so long as it sales. I can understand why they did it "from a certain point of veiw", but I do think it should have gone on for a little longer. It is the only part of the Star Wars EU that is being writen in that time era. When KOTOR was canceled, there was still some books that are still coming out in the old republic era. I hope someone comes back to tell more stories in this timeline because I really do like reading a part of the EU where the future is not known in some way or other.

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Nathan Nicdao's review:

Daytripper #6

This book reminds me of how wide the scope of story possibilities a comic book can tell.

Only limited by the twins' imagination, the surprise of the book on issue 1 became the trend by issue 2. With that aside, I believe that this book (unlike many other books) concentrate on what is in the middle, and not the end.

Bras is a very relatable character, that is certain, but the way Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon shapes him up every month is how they can make more people relate to Bras.

Never have I read a comic book that justifies extra character jabber within the next few pages.

The book is Poetic Irony in graphic form. It uses Death to show the beauty of life and everything in it, like work, friendship and love.

Yes, the art is no Jim Lee nor David Finch, but the art stylings of the twins is perfectly enough to service the tone of each story and the book as a whole. It emphasizes the story in a very, very subtle way, thus, not overpowering but is very inviting.

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  1. Nice review of a favourite of mine from this past week.  And I would add that I thank god that the art isn’t Lee or Finch or similar.  The twins are absolute masters.  Take that panel establishing the exterior of the airport.  They use hardly any lines, yet it’s a technically brilliant image which sets the scene perfectly.

  2. Nice work, guys.  Keep it up.

    @SamIAM – I sympathize. Legacy is a fun book. 

  3. Yey! Thanks!

  4. Wow! thank you very much Josh for picking me. I didn’t see it coming, but thank you.

    @stuclash – I just hope the team working on this book comes back to work on another comic. I would pick it up in a heart beat.

  5. No Jim Lee or David Finch.  I must the sole man on this planet who is not the least impressed by Jim Lee…. what’s so "realistic" about throwing a bunch of render lines everywhere?  His faces are completely stylized (cartoony).  

  6. Jim Lee can be really good. I think his problems mostly reside in the work he’s been given.

    I would love for him to do a creator owned book with Hickman or something. Alas…

  7. I’d take Lee over Finch any day. Talk about lines, see Finch’s work on Wolverine 900.

  8. I haven’t read Daytripper #6, but Number 5 has to be one of my favorite stories of all time.


    They killed Bras!


  9. I still remember the hate Legacy generated before it hit publication… People were pretty damn negative toward it based on the premise. It really turned readers around though.

  10. @SamIAm – I would, too. 

  11. While I had to drop Legacy early on, around issue 15 or so because of budgetary restrictions, I did love it for the same reasons that SamIAm does. It was thrilling and engaging, and it tied in perfectly to the existing universe. Only a basic knowledge of Star Wars lore is required for reading, and now that I know the series is ending, I may begin picking up trades.

  12. Daytripper gets me everytime. Once the trade comes out I’m handing it to everybody.