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Jonah HexReactions to the first look at the trailer for Jonah Hex were all over the map and illicited all kinds of funny and clever responses. One bone of contention from the trailer was Jonah Hex's seeming ability to bring the dead back to life with just a touch.

TheCrazy88's comment:

Jonah Hex can't bring the dead back to life, he can only make things more deader.


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odare77's review:

Captain America #605Captain America #605

I've been trying desperately to figure out where Cap is going wrong of late.  I read this relaunch from the get go and thought it was so well made that I upgraded to the first two omniboo because I thought it deserved that special place on my bookcase.  Brubaker weaved an intricate spy story with action and, more importantly, an intriguing overarching plot.  Unfortunately this latest 4 parter feels really lacklustre and doesn't come close to the first 4 years of greatness.

The trouble is, I can't quite explain it.  The 50s Cap wasn't a favourite character, but he does make a nice twisted mirror to the real thing.  Maybe he's just not as great a villain as the Red Skull, Zola or Luchin.  I'm glad that the spotlight remains on Bucky as I think he's one of the best elements of Bru's reign, and the Falcon is always a welcome addition, so that's all a definite bonus.  I think my main beef is the fact that this is all just too straightforward.  The first fifty or so issues were set apart by the crisscrossing of characters and plots, and the steady build of the villains' master plans.  Instead what we have is a simple action movie plot, made up of elements I kind of feel we've seen before, something I would never expect from Brubaker.  I could concede that there's an effort to reflect some of the political feelings and friction in the US, but even that falls kind of flat, forgotten in the background.

I also feel that the art seems to lack the class of those early Epting/Perkins arcs.  Luke Ross always seems like one of those journeyman artists, solid but nothing flashy.  The Epting style (unexpectedly good as it was at the time) oozed atmosphere and set the book apart from other Cap series, this is plain at best falling to altogether poor at other points.

As long as Brubaker is on the book I think I'll keep reading just to see if things get back on track, and the next storyline certainly looks interesting.  Maybe this is just a bit of a breather, and on the plus side the back up story seems to be over.  Here's hoping for next time.


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  1. Buy War Bonds!!!

  2. That Hex comment was awesome.

    Reminded me of the Chuck Norris facts.

  3. @TheCrazy88 and @odare77, Congratulations!

    Yes,  I liked the Jonah Hex comment when I first saw it too. Little did I know it would end up as the best of the week! Wow!

    @odare77, I’ll have to follow your Cap reviews. I strongly suspect your reviews are probably better than the book is right now. 

  4. I dropped Cap a couple months ago because I wasn’t really vibing with the 50s Cap story and I seriously had no interest in reading a Nomad back-up feature.  

  5. That Hex comment was more exciting than the trailer.

  6. I maintain the drop in Cap is due to the change of colorist. I like Dean White fine, but he’s definatly no Frank Darmata and Darmata held that book together visually through the artistic changes.

  7. I have dug on Captain America even though the audience has been down on it since a bit before issue 600.

    I read it in hardcover and have enjoyed it immensely.

    However, I did just read Captain America: Rebirth and thought it was a very average story and my least favorite arc of the whole run. I didn’t like the single page endings (felt like I was reading The Ultimates and not just cuz of the artist) and I thought the story was a bit silly.

  8. I’m reading that Hex comment and I just think:

    "Huh, he’s right".


  9. @ mikeandzod21

    That’s definitely a very good point, and one that hadn’t even occurred to me in relation to the art.  It would certainly account for such a drastic change in the artistic atmosphere in the book.

  10. Really agree with what odare77 said in his review and what ScorpionMasada posted just above. I feel that Steve was rushed back a little too quickly and didn’t give Bucky enough time to be his own man. I read Reborn in the HC that came out a few weeks back and thought it was absolute tripe. A shockingly poor end to what had been a great run by Brubaker.

  11. I’ve been quoting that Jonah Hex comment all week.

  12. To sate my ever-hungry ego I must write a comment witty enough to make it in the spotlight. Now if I only had wits…

  13. Thanks for featuring a concise comment.