The Best of the Week in Comments and Reviews – 04/26/10

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For the second time in a row, the Best Comment of the Week comes in response to staff writer Jason Wood's article. This time, Wood brought us tips on successfully navigating Artist's Alley at comic conventions.

Dan's comment:

Very nice – great tips.

I don't think I've ever had a negative experience with a creator – usually more the fans in front of me in line are the problem. Please, whatever you do, people, don't be that jackass who brings ever book the person ever worked on. I see those people with their stack of longboxes on a little luggage wheelie cart and I swear to Christ, my sphincter just tightens up. I want to go over there and just push their comics over. Nothing will turn me away from a line more than seeing this crap.

Also, if there is a bit of a wait, that's the perfect time to open up your bags and take the comics out. Prep time before the con always helps, too. Have your books for a certain creator together, not randomly placed somewhere in your bag/box/crate/wherever. From what I've seen, creators won't unbag your books for fear of damaging them.

Again, great article.

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zombox's review:


DV8: Gods and Monsters #1DV8: Gods and Monsters #1

I was a big fan of Warren Ellis' rendition of these characters in the early 2000's. They were the classic 'teen team' gone horribly wrong. Each one had some sort of mental dysfunction, ranging from paranoia to megalomania to narcissism. When thrown together to be a 'super team' they fought and fucked their enemies as well as each other. Over about 20 issues they evolved to somewhat more well-rounded characters with some heart. Flash forward. Brian Wood is relaunching the franchise and he can generally be said to be a high quality writer. He brings back each of the original characters (though I don't remember the Jocelyn character) with a half-step back into their original, anti-social persona's. I don't have a problem with this change as it reconnects with the original heart of the team: internal conflict.

The team is transported back in time, or perhaps to an alternate primitive universe, where they immediately begin parceling up the respective tribes into their own little kingdoms. In the original incarnation Frostbite, Copycat and Sublime were the 'kinder, gentler' Deviants while Matthew and Bliss were cruel and manipulative – the others falling somewhere in between on that scale.  Not that any of them should be held up as role models.  In this story it seems that Frostbite and Copycat will continue to be, nominally, more genial than their counterparts while Sublime has gone insane. Matthew and Bliss both continue to demonstrate their love of brutality, death and manipulation.

The issue is light on words, which is fine as the art tells most of the story very well, but the dearth of prose makes it feel a little less 'full'.  What words are present are well turned and paced evenly.  A quality setup issue from a writing stand point  – reintroducing us to character, providing some excitement and starting the mood of the piece.The art is clean and classic. Rebekah Isaacs uses simple layouts to good effect in her story telling, providing each character with a distinct visual personality.

As a fan of these characters and this writer I certainly look forward to the next issue. Isaacs has won my recognition as well, I'll look forward to her evolution.


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  1. Yet another great new feature!  Keep em rolling out guys and gals – I’m getting more and more bang for my membership buck every week!

  2. I was totally that guy at WonderCon, holding up Amanda Conner’s line by having her sign every single comic she drew for DC in the last five years. Everything from JSA Classified to Supergirl to the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special to Terra to every issue of Power Girl so far. But she was really sweet about it and signed every single one, even switching from a blue pen to a green pen to sign the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special!

  3. Way to come out of the closet as an Inconsiderate Comic Book Fan.

  4. Congrats @Dan and @zombox.  Thanks for helping make this site so enjoyable.

  5. Zombox’s review is right on, by the way. I knew nothing about the characters going in, but I got it b/c of Wood. It was a very enjoyable issue, which, it appears, too many people slept on! If you can get your hands on it, check it out!

  6. I’d like to thank the Academy.

  7. Thanks guys.

  8. i have a n00b-ish question but how do you write a user review for a book that you’ve read? i’ve searched around the site, can’t find a way. I don’t see any sort of option besides leaving a comment on that book? Is it like a VIP thing or something?

     Btw. I LOVE the cover design and logo for this issue. Lives up to its name by going away from expected.  

  9. In the list of comics you’ve pulled you’ll see a "Write Review" under each one. 

  10. AHHHHH HAH! That is not where I expected it to be. I was looking on the comic’s page with the comments and reviews. Thanx gobo!