The Best of the Week in Comments and Reviews – 04/12/10

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In his debut column, new iFanboy staff writer Jason Wood examined the $1.99 digital comics price point. He took a look at how much people are willing to pay for other luxury items and tried to figure out just who the target audience for a $1.99 digital comic book might be.

stuclah's comment:

Welcome to the site, Mr. Woods.  I expected to enjoy your articles and I'm not disappointed.

I'm ready and willing to pay $1.99 for digital comics, but only if they're new releases.  I'm addicted (as are most of the people on this site in my opinion) to the community aspect of comics.  Therefore, I'm not generally interested in back issues.  (I mentioned some of this on Twitter and apologize if you feel I'm repeating myself here.)  That makes my demand for comics highly inelastic meaning that I won't change my buying habits in response to a price change.  Marvel knows that.  DC knows that.

If you know your customers' demand is inelastic you can raise revenues by raising prices (Marvel @ $4).  Marvel can charge us $4 for our current releases (because we're hooked) and sell back issues for $2 to try to hook new readers (just as Mr. Woods mentioned).  Heroin dealers figured this out a long time ago.

If you want the situation to change you're going to have to change your buying habits to send the publishers a signal.  Angrily posting that the price is outrageous changes NOTHING if you turn around and buy the books at $4 (or $2).  

Sorry for rambling.  I get excited.

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akamuu's review:

The Boys #41

Garth Ennis has spent a great deal of time in The Boys showcasing the perversions and out-and out irresponsibility of superheroes.  It's a convention has been beaten to cliche by several less talented authors.  And while Ennis is certainly skilled, and unquestionably thorough in fleshing out a story, the main premise that "Superheroes are bad" is eventually going to get stale.

Unlike many of the other authors who've explored the dark side of superheroes, Ennis has provided several other plot points and themes.  We see most of the events through the eyes of Wee Hughie, a guy who lost the love of his life to an irresponsible hero.  A guy who has every right to want to take vengance and destroy superheroes at all cost.

Whereas a lesser writer would make Hughie into Billy Butcher, Ennis has made him very human.  He doesn't like the extremes his team goes to.  He chooses violence as a nearly last resort (it beats dying).  He feels genuinely sorry for the very people he's committed to taking down, in spite of what he's been through.

Still, the focus of the series for forty issues (I'm not counting the five issues Ennis focused on the origins of The Boys, but I am counting Herogasm, so it all balances) has been Superheroes Suck.

In this issue, for the first time, we're introduced to a team of superheroes who are genuinely good.  Well-intentioned.  No perversions (as of yet, anyway).  So why, I wondered, would The Boys target this team?  What point is Ennis eventually going to make with them?

Well, I don't like to spoil comics, since I'm writing these reviews before most people get a chance to read them.  And I'm not going to spoil this one.  I am going to say that this issue, by presenting us with a team of actual heroes is shifting the tone of this book, without altering its voice.  This is the most interested I've been in this series since the first few story arcs.

Robertson's art continues to be spot-on.  His ability to bring out the humor in Ennis's dark humor, without turning it into flat satire is impressive.  Apart from Dillon, I can't think of a better artist to bring Ennis's characters to life.

This was a great start to my comic reading night.  And it made me want to go back and read all of my The Boys trades.


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  1. Y’know what else heroin dealers figured out a long time ago? Stuclach always brings the heat with his comments! Good on ya, Chris!

    And I have to say Akamuu also generally writes well-thought-out and well-written reviews (consistently and early, which is a bonus!). Very cool to see that recognized.

  2. The reviews of The Boys really got me thinking about juming back on with Hughie and the gang. I was a little put off after the great story set in mother Russia, spoiler* dont read if you’re not into barely-legal boys circle jerking in masks*, and finally writing in a good hearted super group, thogh probably just as pervers as the others in Ennis fashion.


    Great review and breaking my posting virginity.

  3. @Hiltrook: Over the weekend my comic shop guy tried to convince me that THE BOYS had gotten really good. Taken in conjunction with akamuu’s review, it certainly sounds good now.

  4. Congrats Stuclach, finally your PhD in Econ has paid off in some way!

  5. @The entire iFanstaff – Thank you very sincerely.  I love this site and I love contributing.  Keep up the good work. 

    @odino1 – FINALLY!

    @daccampo – Thank you, sir.  That means a lot coming from you.

  6. @stuclach – Nice work!

    @Hiltrook, Conor, & Akamuu – The only BOYS I’ve read was HEROGASM and let’s just say it didn’t convince me to read anything else in the series. In fact, the only reason I did read it was because it had been challenged at my library and since I’m on the Graphic Novel Committee, I had to help judge if it belonged in our library’s collection. I recommended that we keep it (even if I personally don’t like something, I still want to protect the right of others to read it), but the final decision hasn’t come down yet.

    I’m intrigued by your review, Akamuu. Perhaps the story has changed up a bit since HEROGASM?

  7. @akamuu – Congrats.  Your reviews are always well thought out and concise.

    @JeffR – Thank you, sir. 

  8. This stuclach fellow already has a big head because of some fancy teaching awards he won, and now this?!?! 

    I kid. Insightful comment. Nice job 🙂

  9. @Akamuu – right as rain, my fellow fanboy. Great review.

    @Anyone else – The Boys is far and away my favorite series out there right now. I’ve been a fan since issue 1, and while there were some tough times in there, it has improved 110% in the last 6-7 issues. 

    While you can jump on with this issues, I highly encourage you to find the origin issues – really great, funny takes on the stale superhero origins. You can, however, skip Herogasm, although it really is worth a flipthrough at the shop, just to see what a sick SOB Ennis really is.

    I cannot stress enough how much more interesting this series has gotten in the last six months – highly recommended.

  10. Akamuu is the best reviewer on the site…well deserved.

  11. @everyone: Thanks.  Last week was my favorite week of comics in ages. 

    @Dan: I didn’t mind Herogasm.  While the first issue and a half were pure shlocky shock, I thought it did advance the story more than the origin issues, which I slowly lost interest in.  I’m stoked that it is picking up this kind of steam again, though.

    @stulach: And congrats to you, too.  I am in awe of both your commenting prowress, and your meticulous facial hair.

    @JeffR: Though I did think the Herogasm side series was good, it’s certainly not a good introduction to The Boys.  I reccomend picking up the first trade.  If that doesn’t grab you, then I’d say the series isn’t for you.  As much as I’ve been enjoying it, it’s not something I immediately recommend to all comic readers.  Though I hear their impending crossover with Disney’s Ultra Heroes is going to be epic.

  12. @Akamuu – I’ll circle back around and maybe pick the first trade up sometime. Got too much to read right now that I’m eagerly looking forward to. But thanks for the recommendation!

  13. Akamuu, thank you for putting up a well-reasoned review.  I appreciate the time you spent making the case for this title that a few people, it would seem, have dropped.

    Being one of those people, I have to say, I’m not going back.  I gave it three trades and regret every dollar I put down on it and decided that it was time Ennis and I saw other people.

    Your review really made me reconsider for a moment, though.  It very was well-put.  Even if I don’t necessarily agree with what you say, I find your points interesting and thought-provoking.  Good job!

  14. @mrgraves: Thank you.  Sometimes a writer and a reader just weren’t made for each other.  It’s best to get out early before the relationship accumulates children and mutually purchased furniture.

  15. @akamuu  I use my copy of Chronicles of Wormwood to kill spiders.  I think that’s as "I left a box of your crap on the sidewalk" as you can get with a writer.