‘The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay’: Movie Update

For those of you you have never read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, you totally should, especially before the movie comes out. Author Michael Chabon provides a bit of an update on his blog, which includes the fact that Natalie Portman has been cast as Rosa and other ins and outs of the plot.

Seriously, you have to read this book. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay blew me away when I finally got around to reading it. It’s an amazing story set in 2 of my favorite worlds: New York City and Comics. It should really be required reading, and yet even I almost forgot about it — but in some cosmic way, just this AM I thought, “I should read that again…” and then lo and behold, I stumble upon this movie news. Someone is telling me something I think, and I’m going to listen.


  1. When did Portman become the grand lady of geek movies?

  2. faaaaaaaaantastic book. I always pictured Adrian Brody as Joe.

  3. If I wasn’t knee deep in novels I still haven’t read that I got as christmas presents, this would be right up there in my re-read list.

  4. I actually leant this to the best friend of a girl I was involved with last year… and uh, yeah, I need a new copy now.

  5. I kept all sorts of ex-girlfriends’ books. I’m all for keeping their shit after the breakup.

  6. Yeah, this is a wonderful book, curious how it would translate to the screen. In a related note, have any of you read Jonathan Lethem’s “Fortress of Solitude”? I’ve never pulled the trigger on it, though I’ve considered it a few times…Brooklyn and comics figure prominently in the story, I believe.

  7. I read this book a few months ago, EXCELLENT read. It’s a great story for comic fans and it’s also written so well. A truly exceptional book on all levels, everyone needs to read it.

    Speaking of which, has anyone read The Escapist? I’ve read the first two trades and been completely underwhelmed. I guess since there’s nothing really that cohesive to them perhaps. Although I did see on Dark Horse’s site that Brian K. Vaughan is working on a series called “The Escapists” which is about Joe/Sam’s kid picking up his fathers’ comic work. That might be worth reading.

  8. I am a HUGE fan of Kavalier and Clay, but I don’t know how I feel about a movie adaptation. It could be good or it could suck, I guess I need to hear a bit more about it first.

  9. I agree with you, Ashley. This adaptation is going to have to be handled just right…

  10. It’s too much for one movie. They’d have to cut a lot out.

    But, on the other hands, they did a very good job adapting Wonderboys. Not sure how well it relates to this book, but he’s been adapted before. He writes in a filmic style I think.