Thanksgiving 2009 – The Twofer

I am gonna be honest with you: it's late and it's been a long week, and I am not sure how long this article is gonna be, but I have been thinking a lot about it–like all day–and well, we'll just see how it goes. I think I did something similar last year…

(checking site)

Oh, rad! I wrote about my reading list.

Oh crap.

Okay, this article is going to be 2fer1.  One part is my Thanksgiving reading list, because, let me tell you, I don't get any time to read at all while I am up north anyway, so it's short, and the other is the original idea I had.

(Checks margarita to his right.  Remembers that though he does have to get up early to drop off the car, he doesn't have an audition tomorrow and, gee, it's like the day before Thanksgiving, it's basically a holiday anyway and decides to make another, using a very nice (and cheap! cheapish!) tequila called Regional that if you are ever in Costa Mesa, go to hi-times wine and liquor and grab a bottle and Tommy's mix, the same one they use up in SF, where he's gonna be.)

(Drink made, but really, dude, seriously, stop e-mailing with the guys about how you are not writing your article–though, right on, Conor's procrastinating too!)

Thanksgiving Reading List

V for Vendetta – I am currently re-reading V for Vendetta and, man–have you read that book?  Like, I know a lot of people did when the movie came out–I seriously haven't read it in, what–10 years?  I actually have the first few issues from when it came out and I remember feeling, "Yeah, like, I have no idea what the hell this is about — I will read this later, like, when I am an adult or something."

So far, it's pretty crazy–and, like–I am not going to talk about this much, but it's a little heavy handed, but the art is so rad.  Anyway–I am definitely reading that book this weekend.

Criminal -If I tweet about something–like something you can buy–it usually means that I either really, really like it or I really really hate it. I tweeted about this, big time. The Criminal Deluxe Hardcover is one of the nicest trades of the year (I know, because I am going to have a list of them and I am going to make that one of them (spoiler!)) and is not only gorgeous, but it feels designed for reading. Like, a lot of hardcover trades, I just–they are too nice to read almost, you know? Good luck reading Absolute Sandman–like I have the first two and I need a freaking pulpit or something–a mini, table friend pulpit reader book thing–to read it. You can't read that in bed. Or on the beach. Or in a bar. Or a cafe.  (yeah, that's where I read my comics.) No–the Criminal hardcover feels nice, sturdy and just comfy to read.  More on that book later, but I am going to bring that so I can at least start in on it in the next few days.

And the one I wish I was gonna really check out: Astonishing X-Men OmnibusCrap-o-rama, what a nice trade.  Heavy–and, well, it's not a transportable size. (Whit's reading the story and now I am buying the paperbacks for her so, yeah, that's what I am doing with my money, buying both.) Anyway, it's really nice, but the book feels a little…"precious" and I don't wanna travel with it, so…that's that.

Okay! That was easy.  Done with that.

(I am listening to C'est À Robinson by Lucienne Boyer, I feel like I in a 1940s WWII film set in occupied Paris.  It's really rad.)

(Oh–can you not wait for the Inglorious Basterds Blu-Ray (or DVD–seriously, it's time guys)–I really liked that movie a lot. Hmm.  I feel a article coming on.)

Things That I Am Thankful For

This is what I was thinking about all day and now, I think, my list will have to be truncated, which, is, nice–it's nice to be grateful for so much!

– Complete and utter middle finger to the status quo.  This one's obvious, but wow, things are really different these days. Daily Bugle — now the DB. J. Jonah Jameson, Mayor. Freaking Tommy Lee Jones running something called HAMMER. Superman on the moon and Batman really not around at all, apparently they were serious about this (who comes back first, Bruce or Steve?)—a whole lotta stuff has changed. Some of this stuff I haven't really liked (Tommy Lee is all over the place, and Superman on the moon has been boring as hell for me, sorry Conor), but other stuff, like:

– Nightwing and Flamebird. They are fun and their romance is being handled really well. Consistently one of the best aspects of this whole Superman event thing. 

– Dick and Damien. These guys together have really made for a great Batman book and a great Batman and Robin book–which, okay, was an obvious point to make. But their dynamic has been fresh, edgy, uncomfortable, sympathetic, and very rewarding to experience.  Really good, and props to DC for really pushing hard on this Bruce Wayne thing. I mean, it's gutsy as hell, but  I think it's been done right.

– Golden Age sized comics. Well, not really. I don't really like how awkward they are to deal with at all.  But then, you know what? It's kind of an awesome size. it's clumsy and big, like a big messy ice cream sundae. It's like being a kid again when comics were big and stupid and freaking awesome. I don't give a crap that they are hard to store, I kinda like it and I applaud Image for thrusting him in front of our faces!  

– Lack of big events. Yeah, I know there have been events, but for some reason, things are just more mellow this time around. Yes, I know I spent a good amount of time complaining about Secret Invasion and Final Crisis–I totally did…but I was enjoying it through my fury.  But I am glad to be a bit more mellow emotionally and just deal with Blackest Night, which has been basically the longest thing ever — ever — with the prologue, but still, it's consistently good and things are moving along at the right pace and well, golly, what a series of trades it will be!  (Hmm..let's talk about that next summer.) Yeah, Dark Reign (hmm..Blackest Night? Dark Reign? Blackest Dark Night Reign?) has lingered like that smell in the kitchen that really hasn't gone away, it hasn't been offensive..well, mostly…it's been okay.  Just too much Tommy Lee.

– Back on status quo, how about all that Punisher stuff! Cut all apart?! Holy crap, dude! Frankensteining him now? I haven't even been reading it but I am enjoying hearing about it on the podcast.

Asterios Polyp! What about that for the trade article? SHUT UP, DUDE!!

– Bringing back The Flash. Barry was The Flash for me. It's really great to have him back. I kinda can't wait for Bruce and Barry to be hanging out. I just feel they would have something cool to talk about, given all the crap they have been going through.  Good teamup, right?( Jeez, I can't believe I have the two B's talking about stuff as something I would look forward to.  I am so lame.) Anyway–nice way to bring Barry back.  It's fun to be talking about The Flash again, frankly.  

– Walking Dead. Holy crapballs. I just finished the hardcover Walking Dead #4 and I seriously…I need a bit of time to process reading 4 years of the book all at once.  I can't wait to do my report on it.

(Glances at clock. Remembers how long it takes to really post something.)

So that's it, guys and gals.  Half thankful, half…hopeful? A good mix, because both am thankful to be here, thankful for the chance to write with all of you and hopeful, that you and yours have a really nice holiday–or just a nice few days if it's not a holiday you deal with. All in all, have a good one.

(Realizes something.)

And thanks for the iFanboys, Ron, Josh and Conor, for providing not only a great show, but a great series of shows and sites, and are legitimately fun places to be on the web. Right on, guys.

(Nods assertively.)

So, yeah–roll credits!


Mike Romo is an actor in LA–and he really appreciates all the kind messages he received when he reported that he booked that Disney gig.  He's really tired now. You can email his world here and tweet his spectrum here. (Why does that sound really notsogood?)


  1. Cool article Mike. I’m re-reading "V for Vendetta" right now too. Starman Omnibus vol. 1 is also on my list of re-reads.

  2. Hey Mike, which comic did you scan to get that spiderman art you used? Thanks

  3. I agree with you about the Criminal HC.  It’s so gorgeous.  Definitely one of my favorite books on my shelf right now.  

  4. I read that Walking Dead hardcover recently as well.  It is spectacular. 

    Enjoy V.

    Happy Thanksgiving. 

  5. Great article, Mike. I just finished catching up on Walking Dead as well. It was the compendium, two trades, and then all issues from there for me though. It’s the best series I’ve ever read though.

  6. Mike,

    Thanks for the article.  V was my first graphic novel, I’ll forever be indebted to it – what an amazing story.

    Criminal is on my X-mas list along with the X-Men omnibus.

    I just got the Brubaker Cap Omnibus which will keep me occupied for a while along with the Ennis Punisher Omnibus – also looking to get the Daredevil Omnibus’s for Bendis and Brubaker (yes, lots of reading ahead).

    I have the first four Walking Dead HC’s, can’t wait for #5 to come out next year.

  7. I highly recommend the Astonishing X-Men Omnibus, especially if you’ve never read the issues.

    I’m not a big Joss Whedon fan, unless you count the original Buffy movie and the first Toy Story.  Everything else he’s done just hasn’t struck a chord with me.  But all over the net, I kept hearing how great AXM is, and the John Cassaday art was quite appealing.  So, on a whim – an expensive whim – I bought it.  It was so awesome I almost wanted to watch every episode of Buffy, until I my rational side took over. 🙂

     It’s one of the best X-Men stories I’ve ever read, probably because it has an overarching story and a conclusion, in short, a purpose.  This thing was so well written that it even made my like Cyclops, and I’ve hated him ever since I started reading comics as a kid.  I was upset to learn that Whedon was responsible for creating that atrocious robot avatar of the Danger Room, but I guess that was because my first experience with that piece-of-crap character was in the horrendous X-Men Legacy. Danger actually worked in the Whedon’s story.  

    Overall, it was just a fun X-Men tale, and it felt like the epitome of what X-Men should be, unlike the current books which seem to be just treading water most of the time. 

  8. hi guys!

    I hope you are getting some time to relax this holiday weekend if you are in the States–otherwise, I hope your Friday is chilling out..


    @jackietam–that was some Peter Parker+Mary Jane as Harry Potter and whatever her name would be!  Ridiculous image. let me see if I can find it for ya–here it is:

     see ya!


  9. Thanks Mike. I knew it look familar.