TGIF – Dr. Doom Travels in Style

It's Friday. The end of another one of those weeks. A smile is in order. Thus, I present to you this image of Victor Von Doom riding his all-terrain Segway over the Latverian highlands courtesy of our good pal Blair J. Campbell.



When I conceived of this moment in this week's Tuesday Showdown, I thought it might be worth a chuckle. But I didn't expect anything near as magical as this. Thanks, Blair! 


  1. i wonder if this is hidden in Doom’s armour.

  2. Nice

  3. When this baby hits 88mph your gonna see some serious shit!

  4. It looks like he’s coming out of a dale into a glade.

    Well done. 

  5. I saw this pic in my twitter feed a while ago. Good job Blair! I love to see this with a word balloon that read, "Richards!!!! Get back here!"

  6. Um…when this inevitably becomes a giant poster, you’ll put it in the WANT! column, right?

    Please let this become a poster I can buy.

  7. Every week it’s harder and harder to resist drawing Paul’s ideas. He’s my muse. The wind beneath my wings.


  9. @ ccarney hahaha yes!

  10. you sure its not called a Doomway since Dr. Doom is riding it!?

  11. This is so ridiculous guys…..

    We all know Dr. Doom rides Unicorns.

  12. The skull makes it.

  13. Just laughed out loud in the airport when this loaded on my phone… getting a lot of weird looks now, but it’s totally worth it. Fantastic job!

  14. This joke is now dedicated to British businessman Jim Heselden, owner of the Segway company, who passed away while riding an all-terrain Segway yesterday.