Telltale Games to Develop FABLES and THE WALKING DEAD Video Games

1up reports that Telltale Games, a publisher comprised of former LucasArts developers, is set to produce video games based on Vertigo's Fables and Image's The Walking Dead. If Telltale doesn't immediately register, these are the guys and girls behind the modern Monkey Island and Sam & Max games, as well as a number of licensed titles for properties like Penny Arcade, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and more. 

To sum it up, the Monkey Island people are making Fables and Walking Dead games. Commence joyous flailing. 

No word yet on the platforms, gameplay genre, or…anything really. But it's a story we'll be watching with great interest. 


  1. Got to read Fables some day.

  2. My flailing is so joyous.

  3. if walking dead had a similar control scheme and engine as red dead redemption it would be so awesome. it just feels very natural in red dead to run from something and climb up ladders or jump over balconeys. it feels like you could really move if you needed to, like say if hundreds of zombies were chasing you

  4. Very exciting! I’ve played about half of Telltale’s stuff (The Sam and Maxes, the Strong Bads, and the Monkey Islands are on my list,) and they do excellent work. Looking forward to whatever comes out of this.

    Telltale also did the Bone games that came out a few years ago, I believe. Which may be of interest to some? 

  5. Hmmm. Loved the old school Sam & Max. But that was done by Lucas Arts. The couple Telltate demos I’ve tried haven’t really been my thing. Interested to see what a Walking Dead game looks like.

  6. Telltale seems like the perfect developer for both series, especially Fables. Hopefully, The Walking Dead game has a ‘make Rick go crazy’ button.

  7. YYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!. i’ve always hoped for a walking dead game.

  8. Fables as an adventure game… aaa, yes please.

  9. Curious and kind of worried about a Fables game. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the comics though and will check it out.
    Same with the Walking Dead.

    I’m not a video game player, it’s rare that one keeps me entertained for more than a few minutes, but I can see how, if done right, these two games will keep me entertained for hours.

  10. This is not meant to be a bad thing, but based on Telltale’s past record, I would expect both these franchises to be turned into adventure-game-esque puzzlers. Walking Dead is unlikely to be action based, which is fine when you compare it to the book.

  11. Awesome news!

  12. Ohhhhh, a Telltale Adventure Zombie game based on ‘The Walking Dead’ could be SWEEEEEET! same with Fables, but I don’t know how that would work as well as the walking dead

  13. Yeah, they are great adventure game developers and I hope they stick with that for these two properties.

  14. Does this mean we get to kick Geppetto’s ass? Nice.

  15. for the walking dead i think they could create a game using elements from red dead and starcraft with maybe some of hard rain.that would make an interesting game,id play it.

  16. Fables game, even if it’s crap I’d buy it. I’m needy that way. Telltale? No likey the resume…What about Warners other developers like Snowblind or Rocksteady? I’m just glad that DC is expanding it’s video game publishing department.

  17. I don’t know which gam I’m more excited for!