Teenage Satan Hits Boston

Last week, we posed the question, "Who is Teenage Satan?" and since then, we've done some more digging and have some information to share with all of you.

As I was perusing the goings on in Boston around the Boston Comic-Con, I came across this interesting mention of the enigmatic Teenage Satan related to a performance by the Boston Baby Dolls, the premiere Boston Burlesque act:

"We'll be performing a short Satanic show throughout April…Saturday, April 30 at Vlora in Boston if you're lucky enough to get an invite to "The Boston Babydolls Present… Teenage Satan"

What's this? Teenage Satan and Burlesque? That date of April 30th is the Saturday night of the Boston Comic-Con.  This just gets more and more interesting…

So we dug a little deeper and contacted the equally enigmatic Mr. Scratch, who wouldn't give us anymore details, but he did provide us with the amazing piece of art below and a promise for more information to come next week.

If you're in the Boston area, you might want to mark your calendar as something comics related is launching at the Boston Comic Con and from what we can tell, you're not going to miss out on it…

Stay up to the minute by going to TeenageSatan.com and signing up, or by following @TeenageSatan666 on Twitter – supposedly info will come to those who sign up and/or follow as well.  




  1. que?

  2. That looks an awful lot like Stephanie Buscema art and they did say that she is making an announcement at the con…