Teaser: Morning Glories #3

And more…

And the third.


  1. Woah… not only is the teaser cool, there’s one more weird thing going on here. I had no idea this was being published through Shadowline. I thought that was pretty much a dead imprint. Last thing I read from Shadowline was The Roberts. (which was also awesome.)

  2. Hmmm….  I’m not sure what this means at all.  I’ve also just realized the flower in the Morning Glories logo and the flower on the floor.  I wonder if there’s any significance to that.

  3. Is the book in trouble after it’s first two issues? Just seems strange that they would push teasers for the middle part of the first arc of a brand new title.

  4. @origamikid: They’re just keeping the buzz going.

  5. Image is really good at getting the buzz going. I actually purchased the first issue of Morning Glories and Skull Kickers even though they looked like books I would appreciate more in trade for half price.

  6. @misterckent all the more reason for me to reskim and reread my 1st and 2nd issues. This series is great, and they might as well pump it in the early stages to attract more readers.

  7. Love this series. Love it.

  8. I like that typeface. It rocks well. 😛

  9. Fair – another cool looking teaser. I still need issue #2, bloody second printings and all that