TEASER: Marvel’s Latest From Hickman & Epting’s “FOUR” is Hot

We had a vague teaseran on-the-nose teaser… and now…



Wait, what?

I'm starting to think that these teasers are pointing to some sort of anniversary retrospective. You know, some kind of big, round number celebration for, like, issue 600 20.

Or they're just fucking with us.


  1. I concur with the anniversary retrospective idea which i’m all for if it means cool pieces of art like this one and the one from yesterday. Love the way Quesada draws Ben.

  2. I gotta believe Johnny Storm is coming back in time for a split, and a renumbering. Why wouldn’t they promote the 600th issue of one of their flagship titles? Unless that’s Jim Hammond, back from the dead yet again.

  3. could be an anniversary thing like you guys are saying. I dunno, i still think Marvel brings him back sooner than later despite Hickman’s plans. 

  4. Quesada actually posted this image last week with a pretty awesome look at how he drew it. All the images are collected over at SuperPunch.

  5. I’m sure Marvel will release it to USA Today before the big issue comes out so we will know soon. 😛

  6. my favorite has to be how Marvel is ripping on DC, by having all their comics have the notation on them saying “still….” then whatever number the bok is. So for Amazing Spidderman, for example, it will read “Still # 667”.
    But they keep screwing with their numbers. Everyone knows that FF will become # 600 this fall when it hits, the same way it went back to 500 numbering for Spider-man. We wonder why its harder to get new people to read comics when 80% of the movies out there are comic based? maybe its because with all the different numbering and volumes, its too cofusing to try for new readers.
    Ihope DC doesnt do what Marvel did and relaunch with new number ones ever other year

    that’s what I want to know!

    (he rules) 

  8. Why don’t they just have them say Aug ’11 instead of an odometer?

  9. I think Quesada said on twitter that he has asked by breveroot if he could do a piece of his favorite version of the fantastic four and this is what he came up with. could add weight to Conor’s theory.

  10. @tripscr  I don’t think the numbering has anything to do with it, or not as much as you imply. I have tons of friends who love the movies but they just don’t read comics or trades unless i personally hand them a copy or they see a display in barnes and noble. I think for the most part, the problem is putting the comics where consumers will see them. Instead we’ve built this culture of specialty shops that cater to comic readers in much the same way that record shops and head shops cater to vinyl and/or pot enthusiasts. I only buy vinyl online or at record shops but i tell you this, if best buy had a better vinyl collection but still sold the stuff at their low prices i would get all my records from best buy

  11. I’m pumped to see Yu’s name on there. Just finished Superman: Birthright and forgot how good he was.

  12. I’ve officially given up on trying to figure out what they’re doing.

  13. @ResurrectionFlan  You keep your sensible ideas to yourself mister!  😉

  14. It’s either two things:

    1) You’re dead on Conor and this is just a retrospective anniversary issue.


    2) Bleeding Cool posted that their may be 2 FF books. One is FF and the other is Fantastic Four with both being written by Hickman.

    To be honest I hope it’s option #1 and not the rumor #2. 

  15. I think there will be 2 books. FF and Fantastic Four. FF will be future foundation and be just as it is now, Fantastic Four will either be a different team entirely (2 x-men teams, 3 avengers teams why not 2 ffs) or The Fantastic Four of the past with johnny alive and and continuiing the numbering, not unlike what they have done with Hulk/incredible hulks and Captain america/captain america & bucky.

    the 4 logo they showed is actually a cake seen from above. We can now all have it and eat it too.

  16. Isn’t this just the 600 issue (as you say Conor) that Hickman talked about on Word Balloon last week?  He talked about all these creators being involved.

  17. Oh man, I’m sure parts of the internet blew up today.  This is just more Marvel marketing filled with speculation and hope.  I’m just riding the wave.  Let’s see what happens in November.

  18. @Ron: a franklin story, if I remember JH’s werd balooon interview correctly

  19. @TheNextChampion  Do you own stock in Bleeding Cool? Because you’ve been mentioning them a lot lately. Or maybe it’s just on the threads i happen to read? IDK.

  20. @roivampire: I think you are spot on with everything you said. I really don’t thilnk numbering has anything to do with it. 

    I also think, for whatever reason, there is still a stigma associated with comics for some people. Some of my friends will go see ANY comic based film but will NEVER be caught dead in a comic shop. Sometimes I have to remind myself I graduated from high school nearly 10 years ago… 

  21. Is it possible they are doing a new series where its more like “Stories from the Fantastic Four” that involves the team before Jonny bit the ash? It could be a possible way for Marvel to counter the DC reboot, do a mini reboot type series of their own.