TEASER: Marvel’s Got More From Hickman & Epting’s “FOUR”

Following on the heels of yesterday's super ambiguous teaser image we get this:



Which is also ambiguous, but in a different way.


  1. Its a ruse! Fantomex style misdirection. =)

  2. Johnny Storm has returned and been granted the proportionate power of a spider!  Wait, no, that’s not it.  I’m stumped.  

  3. Johnny Storm, Herald of Annihilus!

  4. Epting just wanted a cover to showcase Sue’s ass.

  5. @CougarclawsROB  Thank god i wasn’t the only one who noticed it. Sue probably does Yoga

  6. The guy in the Spider-Man suit is Miles Morales!  The Thing isn’t Ben Grimm: he’s the kids of the Future Foundation, formed up like Voltron, with the fish kids for legs, the Moloids for arms and chest and the floating head Moliod for, uh, the head.

  7. Four against the Mainframe? I don’t get it… I need another teaser. Maybe Spidey’s staying on the FF indefinitely?

  8. @CougarclawsROB  The art in the teaser is by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

  9. Wait. Maybe Spidey on FF is finally being revealed by Marvel? Their news sources are slower than CNNs I guess.

  10. I’m going to go with @OnASunday and think that this, like the death countdown will be about finding JOhnny, but with a twist, be it Johnny being the bad guy, etc. Might be an interesting take. but i guess we will have to wait and see.

    Wonder how many teasers there will be?

  11. @conor  whoops. I should have actually read the teaser. Sue’s costume is basically body art in the teaser.

  12. Awesome! More Hickman tomfoolery I can safely ignore.

  13. Given the pattern on Sue’s…derierre, this probably has something to do with the FF joining Batman, Inc.

  14. Guess they’re just going to decide to make the current Future Foundation roster the Fantastic Four again just in time for the big #600 that would come out in November if they didn’t change the name of the series

  15. urgh… im so sick of this kind of BS promotion/marketing…

  16. @mikegraham6  So don’t pay attention to it. Buy or don’t buy the books, but this harms no one, and gets people talking, which is what they’re going for.

  17. @josh i suppose, but this press release isn’t really announcing anything. it’s just the exact same team as before with a title change? Im not blaming you guys for publishing it, it’s your job, but i really don’t understand Marvel on this.

  18. @mikegraham6  I’ve seen a great deal of dumb things in my time, and this isn’t even close. Don’t get me started on Sell Out press releases, which are dumb.

  19. I can see this type of permotion/visual press release appealing to a lot of people. it says, hey something big is coming to the FF in novemeber, and it also tells retailers this too, meaning they can put in the orders they need to make sure that they have the demand that will probably come for the book/event. and don’t get me wrong, i am somewhat frustrated with this style of permotion, the hey looks what’s coming as soon as this thing that is happening is over with. It’s slightly spoiler territory, and it can make readers feel put off.

    Comics live in a world that rely heavily on a one system distributer, and the majority of the people here know this. Sure we can put the blame on Marvel and DC for this permotion, but they are trying to make money, and this is what works: unfortunantly.

  20. @OnASunday: I like it.

  21. I don’t know @WeaklyRoll, @mikegraham6 couldn’t this poster also suggest that there’s another side of it. That the team is about to do battle with an unknown foe (or foes)?

    That’d be more in the spirit of a teaser, right?

  22. @mikegraham6  without these teasers some very hard working people in the Marvel advertising department would be out of a job. In this economic downturn we should be thankful Marvel is keeping these people off the streets. Why do you hate jobs?

  23. The main thing I’m excited is that the “team” includes Epting!

  24. I hope spiderman stays on the team to be honest peter just fits.

  25. Okay I retract my comment from yesterday….

    Maybe they’ll just do a #600 issue and then go back to FF? It’s possible.

  26. Why cant we have a ff book and a fantastic 4 book theres 4 avemgers books and 15 x books why not.

  27. @nastysnow  marvel has been doing that lately with cap, thor hulk even dd. why not an FF #whatever AND a fantastic four #600 in the same month. worked for hulk. until they cancelled and started agian that is.

  28. @abstractgeek bleeding cool comfirms your theory both ff and fantastic four will be written by hickman im down what say the I fanbase yea or no

  29. Marvel likes to make big announcements about little things most people would care less about. I’m surprised they didn’t call this another “Next Big Thing” too.

  30. They have to put Reed, Sue, Ben and Spidey in a new book called “FOUR,” since none of them appear in FF anymore. 

  31. @JohnVFerrigno: 8)

    Maybe they’ll change the title to FFS.

  32. Its a bird.  Its a plane.  Its a new #1 that will give a temporary sales boost!  All sarcasm aside I am glad Epting is back and the fact that Dalrymple is involved is exciting.  I loved his Omega mini from a number of years back.

  33. Great teaser, look at susan’s arse

  34. so glad theyre not bringing back the human torch, at least not yet

  35. @jackarandos: Or maybe they are… 8)

    New Teaser for Today