TEASER: Battle Scars #1 Kicks Off Mystery

Marvel Comics just bombed our e-mail inbox with this ultra exclusive, ultra top secret teaser for November’s Battle Scars #1. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Battle Scars #1 Teaser

As Shattered Heroes heats up, the hunt for Marcus Johnson begins. Many people are hunting for him, but why? And what is the mysterious origin of this new major player in the Marvel Universe? Find out this November as Chris Yost, Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn & Scot Eaton bring you Battle Scars #1!

Pencils by SCOT EATON
FOC – 10/17/11, ON SALE – 11/9/11




  1. Three writers? What is this an anthology?

    • I think that it’s supposed to be a rotating set of writers like DC has done with some of their weekly series, but I could be wrong, as I’m trying not to pay much attention to it . . .

  2. I bet that this have something to do with the ‘The Truth’ storyline.

  3. I’m exhausted after Fear Itself and the myriad of post-event tie-ins are pushing me over the edge. I think it might be time for me to break away from the Marvel U.

  4. Soooo Marcus Johnson Bullseye right? ‘a target on his head’? He is the reincarnation of Bullseye? Secret clone of Bullseye?

    It’s good to see Daisy’s name on there too. After ‘Secret Warriors’ ended I wasn’t sure where she would show up next, and here she is, possibly related to Bullseye or something. Sweet.

    • maybe he was trained by bullseye somehow

    • The “Johnson himself MUST NOT LEARN he is the _______ of ________” doesn’t seem to fit with a trainee. If you were trained by someone, especially Bullseye, wouldn’t you know? I mean, I guess there are ways that you would be in the dark about who is training you, but it seems kinda out there. And then, after the fact, what would be the harm in knowing who trained you?

      Sounds like a clone to me.

    • Also, glad to see the continued use of Daisy, though it probably won’t be enough to lead me to buy this book. As for Bullseye? I’m pretty sick of the guy himself, let alone the idea of his close. And Marvel has been teasing us with the return of the Spidey clone? Hey, maybe that’s how Cable’s coming back: another clone!

      Marvel: “what if there was more than one character cloned. . ?” Anyone got a trademark on “Clone Wars” ye–oh wait, never mind . . .

  5. Certainly feels like he’s related to Bullseye in some capacity with this teaser.

  6. This and the “Can there be more than one” with Cap’s Star makes me feel like this is going to be a spin-off from The Truth and Marcus will be a new Captain America.

  7. Wooooo yeah! We got us a new NIGHT THRASHER!

    And YEAH Columbus, GA represent! Where else can you find a porno store right beside a Burger King playground!? Wooooooo!


    …ok, I’m done here.

  8. Am I the only one disturbed that there are loose bullets all over Daisy’s pink ink blotter? If she’s not organized with her ammunition, how can she be organized enough that her redacted report won’t wind up in the wrong hands?

  9. My guess is he’s the son of the Beyonder or someone really outlandish.

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    I kinda am thinking along the lines of another Bradley but that family is getting constantly extended and losing its special appeal a little (even if Eli and Isaiah are great). Still not sure how that would tie to being most wanted either. However if this does tie into the ‘What if there was more than one’ teaser could mean he is gonna be a new Captain America. Makes sense with him being in the military and such.

    Hence the being targeted by both Bullseye, Taskmaster and possibly Deadpool(undersomeone’s bidding-maybe a Winter Soldier tie here for those who prescribe to that theory) for what he represents or could represent and what is in his blood. And as he is a Bradley Captain America is therefore being let know about him due to ties and also as it might be in Cap’s interests to protect him.

    So the background images and post-its represent more about who the files are addressed to and how the characters will react to this character rather than tell us anything directly about the character himself. We are to make conclusions based on people’s reactions to this kind of person cropping up which is a bit cleverer than Marvel recent spate of blacked out teasers.

    Yeah my money is for now on ‘the grandson/son/brother of Isaiah/Josiah/Elijah Bradley’ respectively.