Talking Pull Lists for 02/27/08!

Now that we’ve all got a way to make our pull lists, let talk about this week’s new comics! What are you most excited for? What are you most intrigued by? What book should more people be buying? What’s on the chopping block?

Make your case here!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

Ron’s got the Pick this week!

Bonus Question: Only one iFanboy has a beard left. Guess who!


  1. X-Men Legacy is on the block right now; let’s see if it has any Messiah Complex momentum.

    As for anticipation: a lot of the usual PoWs are out this week (so, why exactly do all Ed Brubaker’s books have to come out the same week?) but God help me I’ve loved Dwayne McDuffie’s Damage Control since I was a kid and I cannot wait.

    As for the bonus, recent evidence suggests it’s Mr. Flanagan.

  2. All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #9

    Countdown To Final Crisis #9

    Crime Bible The Five Lessons Of Blood #5 (OF 5)

    Criminal 2 #1

    Daredevil #105

    Justice Society Of America #13

    Kick Ass #1

    Lazarus #3 (OF 3)

    Spider-Man With Great Power #2 (OF 5)

    Thor #6

    Ultimate Spider-Man #119


    Looks lovely and light which is what i need!


    Looking forward to most of the books to be honest apart from ASBAR which will probably suck again! 

  3. Nothing on the chopping block this week, as I already dropped She-Hulk (not PAD’s fault, I just miss the lawyer stuff).   Though I may wait for early returns on the "Young Avengers  Presents."

    And "X-men First Class" needs love; it’s probably the best X-book going right now, and this one has Scarlet Witch and Black Widow guest starring.

    I’m pretty sure I know the beard answer, from following Twitter, but that feels like cheating.

  4. U-Spider Man, sweet.

    Thor, hell ya

    And JSA, I’m done.

    Bonus: It’s Conor. Josh was beardless at WonderCon (I think)

  5. Lotsa great stuff this week – Brubakerpalooza (!) – prolly most looking forward to Criminal and the expanded back matter.

  6. Unless something happened between last night and now, Josh is the only one with a beard.. He can work the beard, i’ve come around. So that makes him and Matt Fraction as the only guys who can work a beard.

     I’m looking forward to Rasl and Teen Titans.. 

  7. Looking forward to Action and Project: Superpowers most of all.  Teen Titans in on the block.  If it sucks again this week, it’s chopped.


    My best bet for the beardo would be Conor since he said he was never shaving again during this weeks podcast. 

  8. It should be noted that at the time I took said "grizzled" photo in the San Francisco airport last night, Conor sat across from me:  bearded.

  9. Hmm. Captain America or Justice Society Of America? What a dilemma…Action Comics it is then!


    Bonus: Conor, if his words during the ‘cast are to be believed.  

  10. I’m guessing Josh.  And beards are where it’s at man.  I find stuff in there that I lost days ago.  I once got locked out of my house only to hear some jingling, and dig my spare keys out of my beard.  That was a real life-saver.

  11. Conor sat across from me:  bearded.

    This is like a logic problem. 

  12. too many good ones in one week! The next few weeks will sure have issues…

    Mouse Guard? Been a while (3 months? maybe?) since the last one but I still love it!

    Captain America? Gold! Always!

    JSA? Looks to be awesome, if the first few in the arc are any indication

    Criminal 2 #1: I really hope my shop gets this book (it’s on my pull list, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually get it due to issues in ordering this book), but I’m really looking forward to it

     Bonus: I’m guessin’ Conor still has the beard

  13. Looking forward to Mouse Guard, Proof, Captain America, Criminal, JSA, USM… a whole lotta books. Weeks like this just kill me – so many great books, but oh so expensive.

    BQ: Josh, because he’s the only one who’s married.

    Oh, not that kind of beard?

  14. I’m gonna give Action a shot because people have been talking about it. I hate jumping on in the middle of arcs.

     I noticed Dan Dare this week says 4 of 7. Was it always a mini or did it just not sell? Either way, that sucks because I was really enjoying that book.

     Oh, I hate to admit it, but I’m picking up Kick Ass #1 just for the title. If it sucks, I’m droping it just as fast as I picked it up, lol.

  15. I’m preparing myself to be showered with Brubaker books, it’ll be interesting to read a Criminal one-shot, I can’t wait to see where Captain America is going, and I’m looking forward to see whats up with Mr.Fear.

    Thor has continued its awesomeness, so I’m excited for that as well. Kick-Ass looks interesting, so I’ll check that out. Plus, Marvel Zombies 2 is ending, so I hope Kirkman hits that last ish out of the park.

    The only thing I’ve been worrying about lately is Teen Titans. I’d really just like to see a steady story going, and the art last issue bugged me, every body seemed to have bipolar disorder; one panel would be smiling away while the next one would have them crying. I just want the Teen Titans to be on some sort of track.

    Oh yeah, and Action Comics is extremely good. Johns and Frank are producing some real magic with this story.

    And I don’t care how bat-s@!t crazy All Star Batman & Robin is, its entertaining. 

  16. @d1whowas – DAN DARE has always been a mini, sadly.

  17. Yes I’m hoping the sales & critical reaction will persuade Virgin/Ennis to turn Dan Dare into an ongoing.


    Also out this week is Proof #5 – this is a really great comic and is well worth checking out.



  18. Huge week for me! I’m amped up for Batman, Cap, Circle, Criminal, Project Superpowers, Thor, SW Legacy, Ultimate Spidey…’s a list with no end.


    BQ: My guess is you Conor 

  19. 3 books by Brubaker, some JRjr art in Kick Ass, and let’s not forget Nexus 100, which Iam guessing people aren’t reading, because issue 99 was a year ago, which has quelled any hopes for a triumphant return.

  20. hopefully i can get a copy of Zorro #1 this week :(, other than that i’m getting Kick-Ass, Criminal, JSA, Ultimate Spider-Man, All-Star Batman, Batman, and Young Avengers Presents

  21. Only Deathblow and X-Men for me this week. Pitiful.

    BQ: I think it was Conor who said he’d never shave again. 

  22. Action, Cap, or JSA…

    Bonus: It’s Gordon. Totally Gordon.

  23. Action Comics, Captain America and Kick Ass are definitely the books I’m looking forward to the most this week. Action Comics has been so, so good and Captain America has been almost perfect.  Young Avengers looks to be pretty good as well, if issue one was any indication. 

  24. This week looks so much better than last week. Captain America, Crime Bible, Dan Dare, Dare Devil, Criminal, JSA. All are consistently good. I’m really looking forward to it after last week’s horrible week. Last week was the first week in a long time that I turned to my wife and said, "Bleh, what a waste."

    On the chopping block: Batman and Countdown.

    Shame to drop Countdown so close to the end, but I keep hoping that it will start making sense and I just don’t think it will. So I find myself wondering if I want to buy another 9 issues of this crap or just cut my losses and walk away now. 

  25. I’m glad to see Thor coming out,  I’ve really wanted to get into the character on this relaunch and I would’ve hated to see the series get bogged down with delays.

     I really hope that the consistent release of All Star Batman every other month continues because I truly want to buy a collected edition of that sometime this decade.  

  26. I think the people who were going to like Countdown are already enjoying it, but if you’re not into it by now, you’re just spinning your wheels.

    So, the real question is, is it worth $27 to finish the story over the next nine weeks?

  27. For me its more like $40 but I think it will be worth it. 

    As for pull list: Teen Titans may be my last.

    As for beards: My money is on Conor.

    And 10 bucks says the pick will be Captain America. 

  28. I completely didn’t see RASL on the list, either. Damn it… this just keeps getting more expensive by the minute.

    For what it’s worth (and it ain’t worth shit), I’m digging Countdown. Now that all the stories have kind of converged, it’s worthwhile. Not as great as 52 was at this point, but still it’s all finally coming together and it really does make sense. No, really. I’m serious.

  29. Don’t forget New Frontier DVD, either. Got a Best Buy gift card to cover that one, though, so no additional cost. Yay me.

  30. Action Comics, Cap, Superpowers.  This is gonna be a good week for me.  I can’t wait till Wednesday.

  31. Ok, so this week, I’m like crazy disappointed!  After spending all my money on an engagement ring (exciting, I know!), I told myself that trips to the shop needed to get lighter, and even after dropping 4 books this week, my pull list is still 17 books!  AAAAGGGHHHH!

    Oh well, you only live once, right?  Well, this week I’m looking forward to the triple dose of Bru, Action Comics, and Kick Ass because I love JRJR.  I’m interested to see how RASL will turn out as well. 

    BQ: I’m going to guess that it’s got to be…Conor.  All comments so far have lead me this way, and really there’s no left field guesses to pull out here.

  32. This week is sickeningly good. Three Brubaker books, a Rucka series finale, Geoff Johns’ two best ongoings and Image’s best new ongoing.


  33. Does anyone remember the propsed All Star Wonder Woman book that Adam Hughes was supposed to do?

  34. The books I’m most looking forward to are:

    All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #9   
    Crime Bible The Five Lessons Of Blood #5
    Fables #70 
    Justice Society Of America #13
    Captain America #35
    Criminal 2 #1
    Daredevil #105
    House Of M Avengers #5 
    Ultimate Spider-Man #119
    Project Superpowers #1
  35. Jumping Jehoshaphat! This is my biggest week ever if i don’t count back issues.

     Rasl is probably the first non-superhero book debut I’ve eagerly anticipated in quite a while.

    I just finished Gotham Central for the first time…so where to now?  Should I get the Crime Bible mini that ends today?  Is Crime Bible on par with Gotham Central? I know Renee turns into the Question in 52, but I don’t want to get that whole thing. 

  36. Cap







    Young Avengers

    HoM: Avengers




    I’m waiting for the Braniac arc to start picking up Action Comics again, also this is the first time since the Geoff Johns #1 that I havent bought Teen Titans.. it used to be my favorite book, kinda sad.


  37. Steve, you are a comics buying madman. Whenever I feel bad about my lenghty pull list, I just remember Steve is buying twice as much as I am. There is comfort in that.

  38. @andrew–Gotham Central kinda is a high point for crime comics and while I would like to say that Crime Bible is as good, it just isn’t.  With that said I like it a lot and as much as it pains me to say it, I like the changes to the Question.  I recommend picking it up, but don’t compare it to Gotham Central.

  39. Capt America: So many things could have gone wrong with this book, from costume design to the direction that Bru-Dog could have taken this character (If my sheild doesn’t get you, my .45 will haha awsome), but thankfully is rolling in an unbelievable direction, soo excited.

    Circle: Love me a good espionage book. Art, story and character devlopment are spot on

    Criminal: Bru-Dog /Sean Phillips enough said 

    Lazarus: With such a great premise, and art I am really hoping something more than a 3 issue mini comes of this. I mean the idea is great and there is so much this story could explore if it becomes and on-going.

    Thor: Now that the pantheon is assembled, the real action can start. I’m glad that they have positioned Thor as a character who is beyond the petty squabbles of mortal men, but i’m wondernig if they are going to pull him into the whole secret invasion line, i mean having the god of thunder dropping the hammer on some Skrulls chins would be entertaining.

    All in all a Nice end to February:)

  40. This week, it’s all about the Bru:  Daredevil and Criminal.

     BQ:  Conor. 

  41. Picking up back issues of the Killer comic, man that is such a sweet book. But as far as new stuff for this week, Daredevil, Thor, and Kick ass all look great.  Its going to be an awesome week, and THANK GOD that this Daredevil arc is finally wrapping up, this arc has been so decompressed, its been ridiculous!

    I tried to get into Crime Bible without going back and reading 52 etc. I just can’t get into this book, I blame Rucka for this, its so hard to pick up this series and just go without knowing 2 years worth of work.  I wanted to like this book, but honestly I ended up really hating it.

  42. JSA, Cap, Kick-Ass, Batman, Action, All-Star Batman, and probably the Infinite Crisis Trade.

  43. Action Comics (awesome goodness)

    Batman (waiting for this series to go somewhere) 

    Captain America (good but I miss Steve)

    Countdown (it’s almost over, thank Heaven)

    Criminal 2, Dan Dare, Project Superpowers

    Fables (new arc- beginning of the great shakeup of that universe?)

    Justice Society Of America (If I only bought one book, this would be it)

    Kick Ass (why not?)

    I’ve dropped Daredevil.  The writer and artist are great, but I can’t stand any more of the main character, or his wife.

  44. @PatK – You ended up hating CRIME BIBLE?  Really?  Hating it?  Terms that strong?

  45. Most excited about ASBAR (I love that book so much.  It’s so beautifully ridiculous), USM, and Kick-Ass.  Millar with JrJr art?  Yes, please.  (Oh, and Cap rocks.)

  46. Holy shit, 12 books this week… and 7 of them are creator owned!  So much exciting stuff, too!  Criminal vol 2!  Kick-Ass!  And most of all… RASL!  A new Jeff Smith created book.  Sweet.

  47. I forgot all about Rasl and Project: Superpowers.  I can’t wait for these either.

  48. Dyin to hear what the guys think about Project Superpowers.

    I was surprised not to hear anything about Issue #0

  49. All Brubaker for me this week.  New Criminal arc, I just started in singles with Cap.  Just finished the Bendis run of Daredevil, as soon as I knock out the first three Brubaker trades I’ll probably jump on monthly.  And since Crime Bible and Marvel Zombies 2 are ending this week looks like I’ll have to start looking to add a few more titles to my pull.

  50. @Unoob – None of us are buying it, unfortunately.  Reaction to the first issue isn’t making me rethink my decision.

  51. Is it because the market already has a "golden age" themed book out there(The Twelve)?

    It’s Ross/Krueger for gosh sakes! I figured you guys would be all over this (Earth X not withstanding.). I mean you guys love Kingdom Come. I thought at least ONE of you would pick it up, just to make sure ur not missin sumthin good.

    Want me to send em to ya?


  52. Yeah Superpowers 0 was a really good book.  I mean it’s got all the Green Lama you can handle.  I do really feel that it is a rehash of Kingdom Come, but as I commented that’s not going to stop me from getting this book.

    @Connor – what kind of reaction and by whom?

  53. Also I really can’t wait to get books in hand at 9-10 this morning.  I held off signing up on the website for a year… mostly because I’m super lazy.

    When I heard we could do reviews and such I decided to delve in.  I hope to get some more up tomorrow or worst case Friday.

  54. @jstump – The reaction on the iFanboy Forums was mixed and no one seemed really over-the-moon about it:

    The names Alex Ross and Jim Krueger don’t do a lot for me in terms of writing.  Describing it as a rehash of KINGDOM COMEdoesn’t make it more interesting to me, either.

    But it’s something I’d keep my eye on in terms of picking up the trade if buzz is strong enough. 

  55. Hmm didn’t know it was so divided.  Thanks for the thread Conor, I always find it interesting to see what people think on a book I’m reading.  I usually think most things published these days is crap so I guess it may be odd that I enjoyed Issue 0 of this book.

    I’ll stick with it.  I don’t get as many books as some people, so  a 6 issue mini isn’t too stressing.  I’ll have a review of the first issue up  when I get my hands on the book.

  56. Quite annoyingly I only get my books mailed to me every two weeks, and this is my week of waiting…

    Books on their way to me:

    Daredevil #105 (Big Daredevil fan. Enjoying Brubaker’s run so far, and definitely looking forward to the prospect of a Brubaker/Rucka reunion on the horizon).

    X-Men Legacy #208 (Carey’s X-Men was one of my favourite titles of last year. Gutted that it ended, but I’m more than willing to give this a go, on the strength of Carey’s writing).

    Young Avengers Presents #2 (Because I NEED a Young Avengers fix. I loved the first issue btw)

    Dan Dare #4 (Loving what Ennis is doing with this. And like he himself said, in his Newsarama interview, to us Brits Dare is like our equivalent of Superman)

    House of M Avengers #5 (Loving this series too. Gage is a really strong writer for Marvel right now.)

    Thunderbolt International Incident (Been picking up all these Thunderbolts one-shots recently – in lue of a lack of ongoing issues. Gage, again. I’ll be interested to read it).

    Hmmm. Suddenly strikes me that I’ve mostly order Marvel this month. If anybody can recommend me anything from DC or independents it’ll give me an excuse to got my LCS this weekend.

  57. Only two books for me this week. X-Men: Legacy and Star Wars: Legacy (hmmm, legacies). I might pick up Captain America to see what all the buzz is about, but I’m not sure. I have never been in to Cap.

  58. I have to admit that I was never really that much of a Captain America fan until reading Mark Millar writing his ultimate variant and drifting into the Brubaker issues set in London – with Union Jack and Spitfire? After that I picked up a few more issues and started catching via trades and the Omnibus edition. I like it. I’m not saying it’s against the law not to, but I think the story Brubaker’s been telling is sound. How many other books would survive the death of their title character?

    I know that some people say that they might be put off by a character who wears the American flag, but really this book is about more than one nation. It centres more around themes and values which transcend being tied to one nation. It’s a lot more universal in that respect. Heck, I’m British and the American aspect of the character doesn’t bother me.


  59. Black Panther Annual #1 (I noticed I’m only one of 11 people getting this)
    Captain America #35
    House Of M Avengers #5 (OF 5)
    Marvel Zombies 2 #5 (OF 5)
    New Warriors #9
    She-Hulk 2 #26
    Thunderbolts International Incident
    Young Avengers Presents #2 (OF 6)

    Ah, good to see a couple more mini-series ending this week. I’m making an effort to buy all minis in trade, now. It’s gonna kill me when Iron Man: Legacy of Doom and the new Firefly mini-series starts, but I’ll suffer through ’em.

    I’ll probably read JSA in the store, just to see what’s up. I missed the last issue of Crime Bible, so I gotta catch up with that. I’m on the fence about Criminal, ’cause I have the first trade, I think I want to keep reading in trade, and I’m pretty sure this’ll get collected. On the other hand…I dunno. We’ll see.

     BQ: Conor! I caught that "never shaving again" comment on the v-cast. And believe it or not, boy, if a woman’s involved…you’ll shave. 🙂


  60. So many good books this week I don’t know which I want to read first! Criminal, Cap, JSA, and Batman (yes, I’m liking Morrison’s run) are all strong candidates.

  61. @xebix

    Brubaker’s run on Cap has already reached "definitive" status in my eyes, so if there was going to be a run that made you a Cap fan.. this would be it.


    Gravel #1,

    Rasl #1,

    Project Superpowers #1 (of 6),

    Wormwood Calamari Rising #2,

    Circle #4,
      Proof #5,   
      Shark-Man #2, 

    Captain America #35,
      Criminal 2 #1, 
      Franklin Richards TP Collected Chaos Digest,  
      Kick Ass #1 (Regular John Romita Jr Cover), 
      Marvel Zombies 2 #5 (of 5),  
      Thor #6, 

    Neozoic #3,
  63. @Conor – I did a review on Project Superpowers.  You can see that you may want to wait till the library gets the trade in.