Take Notice, DC: We Want Doc Shaner’s WILDCAT in Wednesday Comics!

I love when a plan comes together. 

As seen with Comic Twart, one of the great things about Twitter is the opportunity for writers and artists to come together on a creative endeavor. This week, one of the fun projects to watch was the panel by panel creation of a Wildcat comic spec in the style of a Wednesday Comics strip starting with a single image inspired by our friend Vito Delsante and fellow creator Dan McDaid. The focus, Justice Society vet Ted "Wildcat" Grant. 

I posted the final panel from artist Evan "Doc" Shaner in this morning's Weekly Sketch Up, but I couldn't help but post the full episode stitched together. 

It's likely that Wednesday Comics 2 is already locked with some exceptionally talented storytellers on board. But in case there's a free space, or DC's already looking toward the future and a third installment, wouldn't this be a fun weekly romp? As a big Wildcat fan, I'd be thrilled to see these guys take this project all the way to print at DC. 



  1. nice Doc!

  2. Where do I sign up so I can get this.

  3. Awesome!   Can anyone make out what the note says?  I can only make out certain words.

  4. I second your proposal.

  5. Was WC2 confirmed? I missed that…

  6. @OttoBott  It hasn’t been confirmed.

  7. Awww yeah! “Crap in a hat”, I will buy it. I hope that Dc knows how much we loved it and want a new set.

  8. It’s like I told Chris Arrant a few months ago when he suggested Dean Haspiel and I do Wildcat online…the script is bought and paid for by DC.  If Doc and Dan want to draw it, and I would love for them to, they can petition DC to do the script.  Doc has read it, and he apparently loves it.  Just emailed it over to Dan, so we’ll see what he says. 

    I would tell folks to let DC know they want to see this!  They ARE taking letters now…

  9. This is awesome! WANT!

  10. Thanks so much guys!

    Yeah, @AlanRob, the words on the letter aren’t so important, it’s a passing reference to one of my favorite issues of Detective Comics.

  11. <3!

  12. Wow, I am digging that.