Take a Gander at Fear Agent #28

Over at Newsarama, they did an admirable interview with Rick Remender about closing out the Fear Agent series.  (We talked to him last week, sure, but I admire their effort).  What they do have, however, is a look at some of the pages from the upcoming final arc, including this gorgeous Tony Moore cover.  Very honestly, I want to know nothing more but the speculation I can glean from that bad-ass-as-hell image right there.

You can also take a look at some of the pages drawn by Mike Hawthorne. You might know Mike from his work on Queen and Country or G.I. Joe, among other many other things, and as a long time Fear Agent fan, I'm happy to have him. Check out some of the work he's put together with Tony Moore for the upcoming issue.


  1. Simply awesome. Can’t wait.

  2. This sets my bottom lip to quivering. Man, I miss this book.

  3. Beautiful

  4. Hells yeah!

  5. once this series is wrapped up. i’m going to write a review about how mass hysteria which made normal people lose their shit over this average book

  6. @edward: I’m sure everyone is looking forward to that.

  7. @Conor: i look forward to hearing about how some books should just be fun and don’t have to have substance… again

  8. @edward: Good to know.

  9. @Conor: yes, it is

  10. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Fear Agent’s back!!!

  11. @edward : "what’s life without whimsy?"

  12. @nathannicado: it’s a personal choice. i choose not to engage with silly stuff. Whether it’s film, tv, music or comics. Life is too short to watch saviour and wipeout

  13. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Haven’t read any Fear Agent yet.  I’ll use the upcoming omnibus as a jumping-on point.  Remender has rarely let me down, and I trust Conor, Josh, and Ron’s opnion on fun sci-fi books.

  14. Serious young men need to engage in serious things. There should be no fancy in any element of life. Carbonated water is for dreamers. Entertainment should be of the level necessary to keep you from falling asleep. You should not ever actually enjoy anything, much less let anyone else enjoy anything. Life is too short to waste on anything except telling people that life is too short for whatever they like. 


  15. @nathan: nope.

    @tom: whoo, that’s deep. you’ve really cut to the core there. but, seriously, it’s more like a low tolerance for shit. 

  16. @edward It’s ok. Fun can’t hurt you anymore. You will be safe.

  17. "I choose not to engage in silly stuff," he said, and then he revisited the thread about it at least five times that day.

  18. Aussies by nature are a silly bunch.

  19. @nathan: nope. there is quality work in comic books. the as there is in film, tv or music. that’s weak logic. I prefer a serious tone in the media i consume. i want to think about the stuff i engage in. 

    @Jimski: come on. please don’t belittle me online. i think you should read this article


  20. @edward: and I believe that Mr. Katers’ comment was sarcastic. correct me if I’m wrong.

  21. *the same as there is

  22. So just because something has a ludacris subject matter, it can’t be thought provoking or smart?

  23. @edward: okay, point. Let’s agree to disagree. As an artist, I don’t let logic shackle me.

    this thread was supposed appreciate fear agent, and there you are spoiling the party. (notice the drastic change of the tone of the comments after your comment?) Tell me if that’s logical.

    Sure the site allows criticism, too, but I don’t think this is the thread for that. You can just respect the fact that other people enjoys the book and shut up.

    Don’t talk about belittling people on the internet because the way you popped up in this thread suggests your superiority to us because you don’t enjoy the series as much or at all.

    And please be sensitive to sarcasm.

  24. I bought the last volume of Fear Agent thinking that it was the final volume. When it looked like a happy ending was in sight, then it all fell apart and I got a "To Be Continued" again, I damn near lost my remaining marbles. Mostly because I was laboring under the impression that Remender couldn’t continue the book for the foreseeable future. I was delighted and relieved to find out I had that wrong, and the news that it’s continuing imminently is even better. I’m starting a countdown clock.

  25. @Jimski: I did too. I’m thrilled there’s going to be one more volume.


  27. Fear Agent will be one of the few books that I won’t hesitate for a second about double dipping on if/when the Omnibus that Remender has spoken of actually materializes.

  28. So excited for that omnibus.  I stumbled onto a used copy of the volume 1 TPB, but didn’t track down the rest in hopes of getting a nice huge collection.

  29. I’m gonna buy the snot out of this collection. Then, and I never do this, I’m going to have Rick sign it.  Sci-Fi-riffic.

  30. I hope that this turns into an adult animated series, rather than a live-action film…it just lends itself to it so much!