T-Pain and Chris Brown Do It Like Scott Pilgrim

Following an Edgar Wright tweet, the online comics community was abuzz with the odd knowledge that robot voicer T-Pain and former lady beater Chris Brown made a video for their track, Best Love Song, which is basically a straight up homage to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe, which is, as we well know, based on the comic book series by Bryan Lee O'Malley from Oni Press.

Watching the video (which I will warn you, does feature prominent autotuning), there's no doubt where their inspiration (or sampling) lies.


  1. Nice to see some Scott Pigrim love from places not expected.  Not a great song, but the video was fun.

  2. Oh god! My ears are bleeding!

  3. Never thought “Crunkest” and “Cowabunga” could be in the same song. Consider my mind officially BLOWN!

  4. WOW! That was even worse than the Scott Pilgrim movie!

  5. These two men are rich and have millions of fans….

  6. @stuclach  Yeah, but most of those fans are teenagers, so there’s that at least….

  7. stuclach – Complete failure of social standards.

  8. Yikes that was painful to hear.

  9. Why do I feel like I am probably going to hear a Glee version of this next season? Cowbunga!

  10. Blarglarglarglarglarglarg <– My brain

    A few years ago I would ride around listening to shit like this because it made me laugh, with how ridiculously bad it was.

    Now it’s not even funny.

  11. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. My love for this song just reached new heights.

    I like how people just don’t know how to have fun with a medium. I mean, the song and the video is entertaining so just leave it at that. You’d think for people who read comics, adore people who go about fighting in tights and spandex, actually go OUT and dress up in those costumes, you’d be able to suspend criticism and just have fun with a song.

  12. I want my 4 minutes back please

  13. @azrael1213 Different strokes, son.  Just cause you like one silly thing don’t mean ya gotta like them all.  It’s cool that you like the song and others don’t.  We don’t all have to hate it or love it.  Differences are neato and swell.  The haters are obviously in the minority anyway, considering these two artists are rich and famous.

  14. That was awesome! Fun song, fun video. Why haters gotta hate?

  15. I wonder if they are fans, or if the director showed them the clip and said “I want to do something like this…”

  16. @azrael1213  Hey if your enjoying the song then thats cool. While its definitely not to my tastes I’m not gonna hold it against you for listening to it. But I am gonna go cleanse my ears with The Pixies 🙂

  17. I am so confused.

  18. If you take the auto-tune out it’s probably a decent song.

  19. The song was better than I expected.  I wouldn’t have it on my phone or ipod, but it’s not bad.

  20. It would have been better is, at the end, she walked away with Michael Cera instead of the mullet guy.

  21. God…my ears are bleeding. That was horrible. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Megagigabyte son!

  23. @ericmci  LOL! Shoulda been a meme…

    I didn’t think this was horrible. Better than most of what I hear on pop radio these days. Liked the homage to SP.

  24. T-Pain kept reminding me of Korn’s Jonathan Davis in this video.

  25. @finbarbat  It’s the internet, thats what they do.

  26. i need to listen to some lars frederiksen now to make up for this…