Sweet Tooth Meets…an American Vampire?

Are two of Vertigo's most popular title crossing over in January? Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire posted this image to Twitter with no comment other than an enigmatic "2011…" 


Okay, so it turns out this was just a Christmas present for American Vampire writer Snyder, but a Vertigo fan can dream, right? 


  1. Jepperd would have yanked that coat up over Skinner’s head, and beaten the tar out of him.

  2. God, that would be awful. The idea of Vertigo crossovers is just… awful to me. I prefer the idea that they each exist in their own independent spaces.

  3. @zombox  Vertigo does pseudo crossovers like the House of Mystery Halloween Annuals. I think that’s as far as they are going with that idea.

  4. It’s a really fun image but thank God it’s not a real book.

  5. What’s so wrong with two Vertigo titles crossing together?

  6. This would have a great Christmas present. I wouldn’t want their continuities to cross but this could be a lot of fun!

  7. Lemire should draw a special issue of American Vampire. That would be awesome.

  8. Gutted. I would have really enjoyed that!

  9. I think… weren’t they also both joking on Twitter about having Lemire draw an issue of American Vampire, while Albuquerque drew an issue of Sweet Tooth? That would also be very, very cool.

  10. Soooo glad this isn’t real.

  11. Geez , why all the hate. I think House of Mystery /Unwritten crossover could happen. 

  12. I certainly like the idea of a crossover. It has the potential to be heaps of fun. Just leave it out of continuity.