‘Surrogates’ Trailer Hits!

The Surrogates by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele (and published by Top Shelf Productions) is one of iFanboy’s favorite graphic novels from the past few years.  And now the trailer from major motion picture adaption has finally arrived!

If you want more, check out Ron’s interview with writer Robert Venditti from last year’s San Diego Comic-Con!


  1. Looks way too stereotypical "comic-booky". Way too bright. And I don’t like the (what looks to be) major storyline changes. I’ll wait till reviews before watching it.

  2. Looks like a generic sci-fi film.

    Tried reading the graphic novel; couldnt get pass the first issue of the trade. Bad art and medicore story. Probably best if I skip out on this.

  3. This was a good graphic novel with an excellent concept. I hope the movies good. The trailer looks decent, but it’s always so damn hard to tell with these things. Wish they could’ve captured a little more of the grit of Weldele’s artwork, but — honestly — that doesn’t exactly make sense for the concept. I don’t mind if they change some of the details — the concept was very cool, but the execution wasn’t always perfect in the original series. If they give it a bit of a (haha) facelift, I wouldn’t mind.

  4. Hrm seems like it could be good. But it will probably just be ok.

  5. I adored the book. Cool concept, classic sfi-fi. This trailer looks quite bad. I can do without Willis’ ladylocks, and everything seems a bit off. The book was thoughtful and clever. This doesn’t seem so.  

    I’m still hoping for this to be good. I don’t think it will be though.

  6. Wow, you guys are gettind jaded.  Even I think this looks good.  I mean, have you seen that GI Joe trailer?

  7. I agree with Josh, this looks like it could be fun.

  8. @josh: This is slightly better then GI Joe if were judging trailers.

    But since I hated the book I have no reason to watch this.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I haven’t read the book yet (I definitely want to), but from what I’ve seen of the art I have to agree with Dave that this looks much cleaner. Given that it’s about a false, idealized reality, that makes sense. Then again, it’s not a look I ike personally. Nothing is really catching my eye here, maybe because I tend to prefer a less polished visual style. I do like the concept, though, so we’ll see.  

  10. I’m already getting my hopes up for this one. I’m a huge fan of the book and just reposted my spoiler-free review of it at murmur.com but have had it up on my own site for awhile. Check it out if you’re on the fence.

  11. I’m in .  Saw this trailer in front of Terminator and thought it looked good.  Bruce Willis rocks in SiFi (5th Element).

  12. @Josh….if the GI Joe movie didn’t have the name GI Joe on it…it would look like a cool fun action movie.  That’s what Stephen Sommers makes.  The Mummy (and the sequels) were not works of cinematic genius, but they were fun action flicks.

    Wow, I can’t believe I just defended the GI Joe movie.  I’m trying to go into without any expectations at all.

  13. love the book, love bruce willis in movies like these – great trailer – I’m totally there for this movie…

  14. nope!!

  15. Yup!!

  16. I saw this trailer at the theater with Terminator last night.  It looks like it could be really good.  Storyline changes are to be expected.  So long as they keep the theme the book, I think this will be pretty awesome.  Also, Bruce Willis is so boss.

  17. I just finished reading this yesterday and thought it was great. It’s definitely a concept with a lot to explore and lends itself to a different interpreation on film. Good trailer, this is one I’ll prolly make a point to see.

  18. Looks pretty good. 😀

  19. idk. i likedthe comic so maybe…

  20. It’s a cool idea and I get to see Bruce go from plastic automaton to washed up loser to John McClain in one film so I am definitely up for it.

  21. When I read the book, I was skeptical about the casting, but the trailer has put a lot of those concerns to rest.

    I do not like that plot change aaat all, though. I can see how it raises the stakes; it’s just… if the book was good enough to make into a movie, why not make the book into a movie? This has been one of my favorite reads of the last year; as a film, I’ll have to wait until opening weekend and let the finished product win me over.

  22. I really liked the book. Loved the art, thought the story was good. I’m looking forward to the movie but am slightly tentative about it. Not sure I remember people being killed through their connection. I’m going to have to find those books and reread them. Wish I knew where I put them.

  23. Loved the book immensely, and I am definitely excited by the trailer!  The plot change makes me a little uncertain but if it leaves the heart of the story intact, it should be great. 

  24. You know what really sucks? The hair Willis has for his ‘Surrogate’…what decade is that monstroity fromt?

  25. @Jimski: Maybe that’s why they made the changes. Didn’t feel like the book was good enough to be a movie without alterations.

  26. loved the book, it reminded me alot of Ray Bradbury and George Orwell type cautionary scifi tales, loved the look of the book, loved the writing of the book, and i am ultimately weary of this trailer…amd i freakin love bruce willis movies, so thats saying something

  27. It’s a clear, interesting premise which is why they bought the rights.  If there are things in the comic’s plot that work for the movie, the studio would consider that gravy.  Looks fun but it didn’t quite hook me, probably because Willis looked unemotional for most of the trailer.   Nothing that looks the least bit stinkerish to me.

  28. loved the book. loved the trailer. can’t wait for the movie. seems to be obvious plot-changes but that’s to be expected when comics the the big screen. 

  29. Looks like fun, man they sure showed a great deal of the flick in 2:30 the end seemed like it could have been the climax

  30. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m going to, soon.  I loved that trailer and I am definitely going to see that movie. 

  31. Man I love Bruce Willis.

  32. I think this is going to be a good movie. I dont any of the nauseum I do when I warch the Wolvie or GI JOE traileres

  33. @roadcrew1 I didn’t realize the GI Joe trailer was for GI Joe until the end of it, and before I even knew what it was I thought "this looks really bad."

    As for Surrogates, I never read the book, but the premise of the movie looks interesting. It didn’t really hook me in, and the way it’s directed and produced doesn’t impress me. It looks too shiny. But I said that about Iron  Man too, and I was wrong as far as that goes. If the reviews end up being favorable I’ll definitely go.

  34. I never read the trade but this trailer looks cool…

  35. @jimski I have the same concerns about the plot changes. Generally, I’m ok with people deviating from the book when making a movie. It’s almost always necessary.

    The thing that worries me about the trailer is that the killings are being portrayed as real murders. The insinuated fear is that you’ve got a mass murdered or a terrorist on the loose.

    I hope they haven’t altered the motivations that much. I can stand the idea of changes to the plot as long as the big concepts of why surrogates are getting destroyed remains the same. 

  36. @ Voodoo:  No doubt on the  GI JOE trailer.  I saw that during Star Trek and i swear for a good 35 seconds I thought it was for a video game. 

  37. Liked the book, like the trailer. Bruce Willis in a blonde wig is a bonus.

  38. If Willis is sans whig for 75% or more of the movie, I’m in.