Superman’s Birthplace Finally Repaired

In a story that warms everyone but Lex Luthor’s heart, the house in Cleveland, OH where Jerry Siegel lived — and where he dreamed up Superman along with his pal Joe Shuster– has finally undergone $100,000 worth of much needed renovations.

You might recall last year when writer Brad Meltzer and the Siegel and Shuster Society ran an on-line auction to raise money to fix-up the historic home that had fallen into disrepair. $111,000 was raised and $100,000 was poured into repairs and restoration.

Online tips on how to replace an exterior door.

This past weekend, the house was unveiled and I have to say that not only does it look pretty great, but I sleep better at night knowing that a genuine piece of American history hasn’t been lost to the ages.

And the best about about all of this? This was done by the comic book community at large — both the pros and the fans — which can be pretty great when they put their mind to it.


  1. Looks great – and it was awesome to see so many people get involved with the auction and cause.

  2. That’s great to hear, especially after the court’s decision.

  3. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Hey, that’s amazing.  I just read BOOK OF LIES a few months ago and Meltzer’s descriptions of the house were depressing.  Nice work, comics people!  And kudos to Meltzer.

  4. Fantastic. So happy about this.

  5. This is awesome, and I’d like to point out for no particular reason, that Joe Shuster was a fellow Canadian!!!!

  6. But Lex, you should be happy, Without Superman, you wouldn’t be here today!


  7. Awesome, just awesome.

  8. $20 I spent on one of their t-shirts went to that cause.  Yay me for contributing!!

  9. The should name the house The Fortress Of Solitude.

  10. If that doesn’t make you smile, it’s pretty safe to say you have no soul.

  11. It’s well established that I have no soul.

    Cool that they fixed up the house, though. Ought to be a decent, money-making tourist attraction.


  12. Really glad to hear the house got fixed up! Good job to those who contributed to the cause.

  13. Next time i’m in Cleveland, I wanna check this out… wait what am I saying, I’m from Pittsburgh, I don’t go to Cleveland unless its to watch the Steelers embarass the Browns.

    Still… Bravo Mr. Meltzer and everyone that pitched in, thats cool!

  14. I’m having flashbacks from the brilliant "A Goofy Movie" – I envision a crappy camping trip. Your kids will hate you when they’ll grow up.

  15. Hope to check this out during an upcoming trip back to the homeland.

  16. Who fixed the Planet Krypton? Galactus?

    I actually think this is an awesome story. A glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark abyss. (Uh oh. I’ve been reading too much Sandman.)

  17. This week on Extreme Planet Makeover (Cut to Ty Pennington floating in meteors holding a megaphone) "Hello…. EL Family!"