Superman Wears Adidas

We all know that comics are the most dominant form of entertainment in the WORLD. The only problem is that the world doesn't know it yet. One of the competing forms of entertainment is a little realm of competition called sports.


Sports consist of humans dressed in garish and colorful clothing battling each other while we inexplicably choose a side to root for. This should be familiar to most of us. Personally, I am a huge sports fan. Whenever the rare opportunity comes along that allows for the blending of comics and sports, I get a little excited.


You don't get much more blended then the recent announcement from adidas, Warner Bros., and NBA star Dwight Howard. In a joint venture between the three parties, adidas will be offering a clothing line that co-brands Dwight Howard and Superman. This will include shoes, t-shirts, jerseys, and anything your casual heart desires. They will be available for the 2010 holiday season.


If you are familiar with the antics of Mr. Howard this will come as no surprise. He has cultivated the “Superman” nickname throughout his career. Going as far as to dress in a Superman costume for a Slam Dunk Contest. There has even been a recent feud between Howard and Shaquile O'Neal over the nickname. Shaq has a prominent Superman tattoo and also cultivated the nickname in his prime.


I’ve always been a big fan of Superman and to be able to team up on this new line is a dream come true. I can’t wait to check out all of this great gear and share it with my fans,” added Howard. Many of you might think that is just some PR talk, but there are plenty of sports figures who are fans of comic characters and are not afraid to display that affection. Brian Dawkins of the Denver Broncos runs onto the field doing an impersonation of a Wolverine berserker attack. Brook Lopez of the New Jersey Nets did a Youtube video from the New York Comic-Con with interviews and a hunt for sketches. Former Green Bay Packer Ahman Green is a die-hard Batman fan. Lance Briggs of the Chicago Bears loves old Image books and I am not going to argue with him. I suspect that former Brewer Jeff Suppan is a huge fan of Arm Fall Off Boy.


Personally I am excited that it seems to be co-branding with the Earth-2 Superman who was limited to incredible leaping.Superman is the universal symbol of strength and speed, not to mention he has one heck of a vertical leap,” said Brad Globe, President, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. I am eagerly anticipating LeBron James grabbing a hold of his pre-destined comic book nickname…Aquaman. 


Tom Katers is not ashamed to admit he likes sports. 


  1. Shaquille O’Neal will always be Superman for me…at least until Dwight develops a low post game and learns how to be a complete player. 

    don’t forget, Shaq has the Superman logo custom fitted on his cars and everything. He’s into it.  

    I’m just nerdgasming about sports and comics on the same site. =) 

  2. You know whats weird, if your not into comics, but wear comic apperal its alright. But if your a comic fan who happens to wear a comic related t-shirt all of suuden you a geek. What’s up with that?

  3. It’s also rumored that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is an aficionado of Mister Mxyzptlk.

  4. @wallythegreenmonster   Dont forget the movie Steel. *shudders*

  5. @alanrob–how could anyone not celebrate Shaq’s entire catalog including Kazam! =)

  6. Jeff Suppan reference!

  7. As a Brit, someones going to have to explain the Lebron Aquaman joke to me. Cheers!

  8. @BritishNightwing James is developing a reputation as a bit of an "also-ran" 

  9. I’m off to order a Jeff Suppan fathead.  I will then remove his right arm.  I will then purchase a Robin Yount fathead.  I will position them such that Robin Yount is beating Jeff Suppan about the head and neck with Jeff’s right arm.

  10. @ThomasKaters – I thought your Aquaman reference related to Mr. James’s ability to mentally control future Hall of Famer Detlef Schrempf (assuming you pronounce his last name the same way I do).

  11. Aquaman has earned his crown as king. Lebron is still Prince James. 

  12. Kazam was awesome!