Super Unofficial’s THE FIVE FACES PROJECT Teaser

Michael Nixon is not only a member of the iFanbase but he's a writer/producer for Super Unofficial, a group that puts together high quality comic book fan films. They've got four new fan films coming out in the fall featuring five characters you will probably recognize.

Check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming films:

I look forward to checking out the films when they hit the internet. The first one, I believe, will feature The Shadow.

I love fan films. I love their DIY aspect. I love that the filmmakers are clearly passionate about what they're doing. And I love that the films are always bursting with love for the characters. Do they have $100 million dollar budgets? No. But they have heart.

I also find it fascinating that most of these fan films seem to be about DC characters.

UPDATE: If you like these kind of films you can pledge a few bones to help them get made.



  1. The Shadow looks great!

    On low budget comic movies. I reecently met Lucas Testro (fellow Aussie, super nice guy) at NYCC and got a copy of Street Angel. Now that is a great comic adaptation. 

  2. Passion is certainly something that ebbs out the these fan films and I love them for it. 

  3. Thanks again for featuring us and our Kickstarter link on iFanboy! We make these films for the fans, because we’re fans ourselves.

    Also, to answer Conor’s question about the DC specialization, we decided to potentially run afoul of only one major company pretty early on and Superman was our first project, so we were set with the DCU characters (though we did decide to pursue The Shadow anyway, as his rights are always in flux and we weren’t too scared at the time).

    Speaking of the man who knows, THE SHADOW premieres October 26th on our site and YouTube channel! Hope you all love it as much as we loved making it!

    -Michael Nixon, Super Unofficial

  4. All of them look fun. I think that the Shadow or Black Canary one will do well becasue there really isn’t much need for special effects.