If you follow them both on Twitter like I do, you know that Stan Lee and talk show host Craig Ferguson have been engaged in a long, tongue-firmly-in-cheek online war pitting Stan's Brave Brigadiers vs. Craig's Robot Skeleton Army. It's pretty funny mostly because it's so inexplicable. I can't even remember how or why it started.

On Tuesday, Stan Lee appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (my favorite late night talk show and the only one I catch on a semi-regular basis) to hash things out in person:



Stand and Craig have a great faux-antagonoistic repartee. Stan should come on all the time. He could be the new Betty White.


Thanks to JumpingJupiter for sending this in, especially because I meant to watch this when it was on but completely missed it.


  1. This was sooooo funny. "This isn’t television it’s CBS". I was weak after that. 

  2. that was fantastic.  They have a great back and forth.

  3. Stan Lee is to Craig Ferguson as Harvey Pekar was to David Letterman, they really should do this so much more often!

  4. I love that Craig called Stan a "cranky bastard." The next time we interview him we should do that.

  5. This was hilarious.  I watched it the night it was on and woke up Mr.Nerd I was laughing so hard – oops!

  6. they’re really good together

  7. I’m only half kidding about that petition to have him host SNL.

    Actually, less than half.

  8. That was awesome!

  9. can you imagine having that much energy when you’re NINETY? wow.

  10. I’m 21 and I don’t have that kind of energy. That is crazy.

  11. I just tweeted that this is the greatest pairing ever. We need to have Lee come back every month on Craig!

  12. @nickmaynard: I know! Amazing. Fantastic. Uncanny! Stan Lee is a super hero.

  13. GREAT interview! I watch Craigy every night. This was the best interview this week by far. Awesome chemistry between these two. Here’s hoping he takes Stan up on his offer to go to ComicCon.

  14. @Conor: I don’t think that’s advisable.

    Well, the only time I ever saw Stan Lee angry was on Big Bang Theory.

  15. Mr. Lee, just call me. I’m a brigadier. I’ll gladly beat up the robot Geoff (Johns?)

  16. That was amazing.

  17. great to see the Man kickin’ arse and takin’ numbers.

  18. He’s a cheeky monkey that Stan Lee!

  19. I bet Stan Lee is the coolest grandpa ever.

  20. @MisterShaw: he could give you original Kirby art for christmas

  21. What showmanship!