Stan Lee Creates Superheroes for… the NHL?

"It's an honor to meet you sir, but I've gotta say, I'm not really sure why you called this meeting, Mr. Lee."

"I've been thinking about what the NHL needs, and I'd say that in my estimation-"

"And it's a very respected estimation, to be sure."

"Yes, thank you.  But what I'm saying is that professional hockey, and your league, lacks something."

"What would that be?"




"Like capes and tights?"

"Did I ever tell you about when Jack Kirby did his first Spider-Man design. It was all wrong, and I knew it."

"What does this have to do with hockey?"

Cut to 30 minutes later*, and the man has signed a deal to create 30 Guardians, one to represent each NHL city and team, and they'll be unveiled on January 30, 2011, at the NHL All-Star Game in Raleigh, NC.  In doing so, Stan Lee will form Guardian Media Entertainment, and they'll create all the bits needed to presumably bring new fans into the world of the NHL. 

So National Hockey League and superheroes, created by Stan Lee.

The man can make a deal.

*Portions of the events leading up to this NHL announcement may have been dramatized.


  1. Wait…. Wait……. Wait…….. Okay I think the term i’m looking for is ‘WHAT?!’

  2. I actually think it will be cool to see what he comes up with for superheros that aren’t just from NY, LA and SF.

  3. Oh and In before Mighty Ducks reference.

  4. The man can sell ice to an Eskimo! I’m excited!!

  5. NHL has a lot of problems…i don’t know if marketing gimmicks like this are going to help people in places like Phoenix care about Hockey for more than 30 seconds. 

  6. Y’know, I don’t think that Feedback or The Defuser are doing much right now.  Perhaps Stan will use them for two of the teams?

  7. Look Out Hockey Night in Canada, you’re about to be Saved! not that it needs saving mind you.

    But in all seriousness, the NHl have been trying to up their sales in the US for a very long time, this seems to be an expansion (there is a pun there i assure you) of this attempt. I have to wonder though, in Canada, where hockey is the NFL; actually i would go where Hockey is football in Europe, in regards to popularity, what would these superheroes do and look like for Canadian teams.

  8. The way to get people to care about hockey in Phoenix is to let them know there is ice in there.  And it’s cold.  Because outside, it’s hot as balls.

  9. Sweet!  Go Blackhawks!!

  10. Somebody get Jeff Lemire on the horn!  We need his input on this!

  11. I’m sure his new creations will be every bit as great as all his other post-Kirby and Ditko work has been. 

  12. Just Image Stan Lee’s Pittsburgh Penguins

  13. I am not looking forward to seeing what he creates for the islanders

  14. Sure this is silly and will last about 4 minutes. But, hey, it’s two of my loves, comics and hockey, colliding in Stan’s head. I’ll be watching. GO WINGS!

  15. Just when I thought I couldn’t get more excited for the start of hockey season. GO DEVILS!!!!!

  16. This has NFL Superpro written all over it.

    I wonder if Fabian Nicieza is available? 

  17. Aren’t they called mascots?

  18. RED WINGS FTW!!!!!. 

  19. Just looked at the nfl teams. wow. everybody’s got a team now. And, what exactly is a Columbus Blue Jacket?

    btw: phoenix at a lovely 62f … josh 😛

  20. Just looked at the nfl teams. wow. everybody’s got a team now. And, what exactly is a Columbus Blue Jacket?

    btw: phoenix at a lovely 62f … josh 😛

  21. This has me so excited. My first love is hockey (The Flyers) and I cannot wait to see this. I’m already working on my own view of what will inevitably be called The Broad Street Bully. If anyone’s interested it’ll eventually make it onto the Flyers blog I write for.

     Personally, I don’t care if this gets anyone new into hockey. I really don’t think it will, for one. The thing about hockey is that it’s stuck on a 2nd rate network and stuck being viewed as a 3rd rate sport. The players that they’re trying to shove down the public’s throat aren’t garnerning that many new fans becasue they’re whiney and Russian (Crosby and Ovechkin, respectively)

    This will be fun, most likely a little lame, and interesting to say the least.

  22. This sounds exactly like something that no good hack Bettman would do.