Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane Team Up for a Superhero Design Contest!

I've got your weekend mapped out for you. You're going to spend the next two days working on a character design for this contest, submit it on Monday, win, and then text me throughout your special day with Todd McFarlane. 

That's right, a contest. Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane want you to design a superhero for Stan's eponymous Stan Lee Foundation. Here's the crazy video, evidently filmed in McFarlane's top secret Spawn room. 

The details: 

"Talenthouse will facilitate introductions for the winning designer with the film and television studios and social gaming industries. The selected design will be made into either an action figure or sculpture of which The Stan Lee Foundation will make a limited number to give away to specific donors of the Foundation.

"The winner will also be presented with an award by Stan Lee at Comic-Con San Diego 2011 and will spend a day with Todd McFarlane at his art studio production facility, Todd McFarlane Entertainment, Inc in Tempe, AZ. Travel and accommodation to San Diego and Tempe, plus tickets to Comic-Con will be provided for the winner. If you need to book Southbank Short Stay Apartments for the next travel, inquire now at or call 1300 267 767.  

"The top 100 highest voted submissions will receive a Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers Set. 

"The 20 highest voted submissions will also receive an official movie poster from one of the Marvel movies signed by Stan Lee."


Submit your design to Talenthouse by Monday. And win. That's the important part. Win the prize. You get to go to Comic Con. Maybe an action figure based on your guy. And maybe, just maybe, a game of catch during your time with McFarlane. A cool opportunity, so get sketchin'. 


  1. No one better steal my idea of a dead guy covered in chains and pouches. And a big ass cape.

  2. my character will be a whimsical green monster who lives at one of the coolest ballparks in the world….DOH someone already did that. Plan B…big dude with lots of muscles and MAYBE a cape. 

  3. Sweet! This was filmed at the Golden Apple in Melrose… I was there and talked to those cool guys myself. Really awesome peeps. 

  4. @romidion  –golden apple is awesome…my old shop. Coolest guys around, no snobbery very helpful. 

  5. Ahha! Suddenly an excuse for doodling men in tights!


  6. totally going to do this! wish me luck, i will report further developments.

  7. Good luck Asteraceae.  I just submitted mine a couple minutes ago:

  8. So they want me to design a character, give it to them, not pay me and not give me the rights and they will introduce me to some people.

    Rarely are contests ever worth it.

  9. @JNewcomb  here. here.

  10. Heh, I just entered with hopes of winning some free markers.

  11. I didn’t get around to it.  I should have at least just submitted screenshots of my Champions Online, DCUO, or CoH/CoV characters. heh.