SPOTLIGHT: Ragnaroc Inc: Embrace Oblivion #1

Ragnarøkkr. When the gods among us bring about our end so that new tenants might make themselves at home. Everything must go, on the cosmic level.

Just such an extinction event is barreling towards humanity in Ragnaroc Inc. Embrace Oblivion by Jason Garrett and artist K. Tin Dreampath. Central to the cataclysmic endgame is John “Lazarus” Thunderstarr, a man of prestige and influence. In the distant future, it is this unparalleled genius who monitors the approach of impending doom from his boardroom in Manhattan’s Ragnaroc Tower. Perched high atop his corporate throne, Lazarus is racked with paranoia, employing his link to a cybernetic intelligence known as Czar, to probe the minds of his closest advisors and staff. They are each assigned a percentage based on their loyalty to the executive and his ideals. Where some might balk at his continued support of officers with loyalty percentages in the forties and fifties, Lazarus chooses to keep his friends close and his would-be usurpers even closer.

But this isn’t all about white collar intrigue.

Things get explosive and positively jiggly in the camouflaged training center atop Ragnaroc Tower. Though the company’s day-to-day concerns involve scientific research and weapons development, the cornerstone of Lazarus’ organization is his brother Michael Thunderstarr’s strike team of superheroes (or are they villains?) While the men of Team Ragnaroc are grim warriors hidden behind heavy armor and mystic shrouds, the women leave a little less to the imagination. But don’t let that distract you, as these buxom valkyries are lethal agents with furious conviction to Lazarus and his cause. We’re introduced to the team through a tempestuous capture the flag session, the perfect opportunity to reveal each character’s unique abilities (telepathy, energy manipulation) as well as the deep-seated rivalries central to the series’ drama.

Though artist K. Tin Dreampath’s style pays homage to manga, the painted style gives the book it’s own flavor. While the scantily-clad female operatives will likely prove the draw for many readers, it’s the mech designs that really sell the world of Ragnaroc Inc. This blend of western superhero action with the hard science fiction of Japan’s best robot stories makes for an absorbing new franchise.

Oblivion approaches. Might as well embrace it.

Oh. Almost forgot. The first issue is absolutely FREE on Graphicly. Check it out!



  1. Now, ha not sure who/where to field these questions. In the preview one female warrior mentions she didn’t want to rupter anonther’s “big ol funbags”, then says “what, am I not supposed to know that?”. Ha, now these characters don’t seem to be hiding their big ol funbags, so I’m guessing this is supposed to be some kind of fake boobs reference? But funbags aren’t a reference to fake boobs, that’s just an endearing term for boobs in general. Also the chick making the joke has even bigger boobs.

    I like boobs, so this book possibly appeals to me, but I’m not sure about the writing.

    • Also, while fake boobs in comics is always kind of odd, especially since they’re drawn looking identical to all the other assumedly natural big busted women, uh ha man this is a pervy topic where was I going. Long story short, I think the fake boob joke angle is kind of tacky, and the lack of reaction from the other character makes me wonder if she’s a robot. If she’s a robot then I guess the fake boobs is obvious. The main point here, misusing the beloved term “funbags” is a bit of a faux pas.

    • I think she meant she wasn’t supposed to know that the two of them were shagging.

      Ridiculous big boobs are a manga trope. I’m not a huge fan of the art style, not being a big manga guy, but I thought this was OK. I wouldn’t buy it, but it was OK.