SPOTLIGHT: Mega Man Will Rock You

After spawning dozens of platformers and tactical RPG's as well as his own animated series and manga, Capcom's most enduring hero is going back to basics. The results are good old-fashioned fun. 

Mega Man is back to stay. 

Whether you've clocked in hours and hours of Rockman gameplay on a stack of consoles and emulators or only know the little blue buster from his role on the early 90s Saturday morning staple Captain N: The Game Master, Archie's new iteration goes back to the core for something familiar but by no means tired. Two scientists, one jolly and one egomaniacal. A boy and girl robot and their little dog too. And one blaster arm made for adventure. This is going to be easily recognizable for the diehards and even the casual fans, but more importantly, it's perfectly accessible to new readers of all ages. 

The year is 200X and Dr. Light has just rolled out the Robot Masters. You may recognize iconic sprites like Ice Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, and my personal favorite: Cut Man. Light's associate Dr. Wily is furious that he's been excluded from the unveiling ceremony based solely on some bad press (he's alleged to have conducted several unethical robotics experiments in recent years). When the Robot Masters go missing, it's up to young Rock to find them. We get a tease of this mission in a gorgeously rendered prologue, replete with power-ups and robot battles. It also includes a nice bit of meta-commentary on gaming, with Mega Man quietly begging for some mechanical guards to simply let him pass because he's running short on time, then becoming frustrated when he can't find a door. If you've ever picked up an NES controller, you're perfectly familiar with such pixelated problems. 

If you've enjoyed the surprisingly rich Sonic the Hedgehog comics over the years, you'll be pleased to find the same sense of action adventure thrills here. Ian Flynn writes a charming all-ages yarn and artist Pat Spaziante captures the classic character designs with sleek clarity and expression. It's a warm, thrilling, colorful new series deserving of the beloved franchise. 

You can pick up the first issue on Graphicly for just $1.99. 


  1. Its a fun, well-done title, no doubt, and one that is alll-ages in the best sense of the word. If you are looking for some lite adventure and fun, either for yourself or for the younger comic fans in your life (or heck both), that features some truly breath-taking cartoon inspired art, then you can not go wrong with the Mega-Man comic from Archie. Certainly the tons of kids who are constatly snapping up copies at the Toys-R-Us I work part time at would agree. 🙂

  2. I remember Captain N: The Game Master. There was actually ANOTHER cartoon based on video game characters too. Quark was in it, and there was a basketball player, and a cop from the game Narc. And a barbarian. Kuros? somethiing like that. Anyone remember what cartoon that was?


  4. Totally agree Mr.Montgomery, and it gets even better with issue#2 !!!! I’m so impressed with how Archie Comics has handled this character, I’m going to give sonic a try now. 

  5. Mega Man will rock you!

    But only after defeating Rock Man.

  6. I’ve actually been wanting to pick this up.  I wonder where I can find a print copy of issue 1.

  7. I remember reviewing this comic when it came out a couple months back. It’s a fun book for old school gamers who still love their metal men. You can view the review below.

    Room With a Review: Mega Man #1

    – Dom