SPOTLIGHT: Atomic Robo, Gobo and The Plutonian

There are a lot of entertaining and useful features on the new Graphicly website. One of my favorites is the ability to search the comics catalog by character name. Just click on the website's "Character" tab and you're whisked away to an alphabetical list of names including Wolverine, Sonic the Hedgehog, Abraham Lincoln, and Baba Yaga. This morning I thought it might be fun to spotlight three of my favorite names from that list. 

Atomic Robo is pretty self explanatory. He stars in his own title. He's a robot and as such, he doesn't really have a gender. That's okay though, because he has adventures and punches nazis. Atomic Robo was a book that I'd keep hearing about over the years, but never fully explored until seeing him pop up on Graphicly. His is the kind of patriotic positronic brain that'll make you stand up and salute. 



Do you have cares that need chasing away? You're probably familiar with Gobo and Archaia's Fraggle Rock comics. He's sort of the everyman Fraggle. This one's perfect for the kids in your life. Or, if you're anything like me, the you in your life. You zany manchild. Gobo's just one in a vast ensemble of colorful subterranean mischief-makers, rendered sort of beautifully by some of the best indie artists in the industry. People like Katie Cook, Jeffrey Brown, and David Petersen. 




As for the Plutonian, well, he's got a bit more blood on his hands than the Fraggles. You may have heard about his reign of terror in books like invincible and Incorruptible by Mark Waid. He's a little like Superman, but you won't want to share your fruit rollups with him. 



Looking for something new to read on your desktop or mobile devices? Try exploring comics through the character directory and you might meet some sold and new friends. Hey, it's Banshee!


  1. Atomic Robo is one of my favorite indie titles.  Hysterical and creative.

  2. @vadamowens  Agreed.  So, so good.

  3. This title threw me for a loop for a second.

    Liking this spotlight idea, Atomic Robo is especially awesome

  4. wow, atomic robo was awesome. And that’s the first time i’ve read digital comics… it was cool. Really makes you appreciate the art more by stopping on each panel.

    So, as a complete techno-phobe… what kind of device can you read them on… ipads/pods…? what else?!

  5. @GloriousGodfrey  The web, the AIR app, any Android or iOS device.

  6. @josh 

    thanks…. (I must be officially old, <grumble>)

  7. Gobo looks like Kermit the Frog in a purple wig.

  8. I bought the first 3 trades of atomic robo and he’s pretty damn good. i’d imagined something dark with a big backstory kinda like hellboy. pleasantly surprised to get a smartass robot peter parker.

  9. Spotlight is a good addition to for lack of a better term spotlight different comic titles readers might not be familiar with and are looking for something new. Dig it.