Speculating On A Second CAPTAIN AMERICA Film

Although the film hasn't even hit theaters yet, Captain America: The First Avenger has already inspired enough talk of a possible sequel if things go well on Friday. With revews from early screenings skewing positively, it's worth a conversation to see who Steve Rogers could be up against in a second film.

The first film plays its cards right by hitting upon Cap's chief arch-nemesis Red Skull and even bringing in HYDRA, but Cap maintains an immense and diverse rogue's gallery that could fuel a stream of sequels if the film quality remains high. For a second film, I'd go for a rough plot of Captain America fighting a modern continuation of the Nazi forces he fought in the forties, this time in the form of Baron Zemo. For this I would use both the father and son versions of Zemo, showing a 1940s Cap fighting the original and in modern times his son out for revenge. Just think — the American hero who disgraced his family pops up alive after sixty years, giving the younger Baron Helmut Zemo a chance to come out of obscurity and strike back.

Joining him I would have the leader of the modern HYDRA organization, Madame Hydra. Although not scheduled to be in the first movie, Madame Hydra is a major part of the tie-in video game Captain America: Super Soldier and could be a great villain. Maybe even get Angelina Jolie to play her.

When I began this article I had another villain high on my list but ended up omitting him. M.O.D.O.K. is someone I'd love to see on the big screen, but I'm extremely cautious to encourage any live-action film-maker to attempt to portray a giant-headed M.O.D.O.K. Can even the best special effects avoid it from being considered a B-movie trope by modern audiences?

And no, I'm not forgetting two recent favorites; I think that Crossbones and Sin should be held off for a third Cap film given their ties to Red Skull. Now let's just hope Captain America: The First Avenger does well.


  1. I think the Winter Soldier storyline would be the perfect sequel.

  2. I agree with Stupendousman.  As soon as I walked out of the theatre I could already see an amazing Winter Soldier story as the basis for a sequel.  Maybe even a move towards in the action/suspence genre along the lines of the Bourne Movies. 

  3. @StupendousMan: Completely agree. 

  4. Cap Vs. Bucky! Nazis/Hydra >been there done that.Given that it was his one failure(saving Bucky) it would make for better drama.

  5. The winter soldier story is a lock. The first film sets it up perfectly and blatantly.

  6. the Winter Soldier is a no-brainer obviously. As much fun as MODOK is, i think that’s stetching the average moviegoers suspension of disbelief a little too far. to put it in perspective, there were serveral audible laughters throughout scenes with Hector Hammond in my showing of Green Lantern. If the audience can’t buy him, the chances for MODOK aren’t too good

  7. It’s going to be very hard for Hollywood to not go with Crossbones in the 2nd movie.

    Could see ULTIMATIUM as a HYDRA replacement depending on what goes down after Avengers.

  8. Where is Baron Von Strucker in all this?

  9. I would think a sequel would be based around the idea that Hydra never folded after the war and that Howard Stark and the Howling Comandos formed SHIELD as an answer. Steve would work with Agent Sharon Carter to stop Strucker and Viper.

  10. @y2kkev: Agreed – Cap in modern times discovering that Hydra still exists would be great!  And really, that could work WITH any of the plotlines suggested above. 

  11. By the article, how would Zemo fit in with the movies? I mean, would the Zemo stuff have happened during the montage of taking out the HYDRA weapons factories?

  12. @neums  The Hydra montage was supposed to take place over the course of several months. it almost has to based on all the terraine they would have to cover between bases

  13. Madame Hydra for 2, Winter Soldier for 3.

  14. Batroc The Leaper for 4.

  15. I see Crossbones as a good villain, carrying on the Red Skull’s legacy and maybe the new leader of Hydra. 

  16. Have AIM be source of the trouble, have Batroc, Hydra with Zemo, and Serpent Squad all appear.  Introduce FALCON!  Have Crossbones, Sin, and Red Skull all be the third movie.

  17. I’d argue have Winter Soldier be not only the pawn of the Russians but have his Russian commanders in the grip of the modern day Hydra (but even more secretive-even from SHIELD). This could utilise Madame Hydra and maybe Crossbones as an enforcer?