‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ – S02E05 – First Steps

Last week the Master Planner was revealed to be Dr. Octopus, which was a bit of a let down, but I can roll with it. Also, Peter is an idiot.
Actually, Peter reminds me of Ronald in Can’t Buy Me Love — a geek made good who cannot resist the allure of the popular crowd even if it means losing his true friends.

Here’s a preview for tonight’s episode:

Here’s how they describe the show:

School’s back in session, and things have changed. Peter Parker’s actually invited to Flash Thompson’s birthday bash. Meanwhile, Spider-Man has to party with Sandman, who’s once again looking to make his Big Score. And is that Venom disappearing into the night?


  1. Is it me or does Sand Man sound like Bender?

  2. yeah, it’s John DiMaggio

    Bender, Sandman, Hammerhead, Gorilla Grodd and Aquaman in Brave and Bold, worked in Wonder Woman, Transformers 2, upcoming in El Superbeasto.

    Busy dude….

  3. @DarthDuck: Whats the deal with El Superbeasto?  Is it going to be a movie or a show?  I’ve been wandering about it but havent really heard much

  4. Liz must be pretty special if she can get away with calling him "Petey" all the time… damn, that’s irritating.

  5. I’m just glad they have avoided shoving him and MJ together from the get go. It’s nice to see him struggling to make it work with Liz.

  6. MJ is the only weird thing about this show. She doesn’t really have a place in it at the moment.

  7. dude I’m in australia and the second season has already finished so if you want spoilers just asked.

  8. No spoilers.

  9. i LOVED the 1st season of this. i don’t even know if i get disney xd. very bummed it’s not on the wb anymore. anyone know if the episodes are available online anywhere?

  10. @Tiocore: Yeah, because it alreay aired in other parts of the world, the entire season is on youtube.

  11. -_-… I feel that this show is such a rip off of Ultimate Spider-man. I wish they’d animate that instead.

  12. It’s a very solid cartoon. I hope the new Thor is as solid and spidey’s adventure.

  13. @Mangaman – I love that that it takes cues USM and sort of mixes it with that cheesey, but cool, 60’s cartoon vibe. This was a weird episode to me. I like it, but it just seemed filler-ish. I’m sure there will be pay offs from it, but the Sandman feeling like the one in the movie was weird.

    @conor – I know the feeling about MJ and feeling like she has no place, but I kind of like that. It almost reminds me of her role in Spider-Man: Blue, which I recently read.

  14. @psyguy411: I like that the Sandman is more complex than many of the other villains. I really liked the point in the show when he realized that hey, he was a theif and not a killer and he saved the crew on the sinking ship.

  15. @conor oh sweet! thanks!

  16. @conor – I like it, too, but it seemed to just happen. Other than this ep and I think the 2nd Secret Six, it didn’t seemed too developed. But yeah, very interested to see where we go from here.

    Does Eddie always have to finish a sentence with "bro?"