‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ – S02E03 – Reinforcement

Last week’s two episodes were great fun and reminded me of why I love this series so much — big action and great teenage romance stuff. Tonight, Spectacular Spider-Man moves to its regular time of 7:30pm on Disney XD

Here’s a preview:

Here’s how they describe it:

As Christmas approaches, the Sinister Six reconstitutes with Sandman, Rhino, Vulture, Electro and new members Mysterio and Kraven. All they want for Christmas is Spider-Man — dead.  Meanwhile, Peter Parker finds his wandering eye prevents him from being with Gwen Stacy. He’ll have to learn to focus if he wants to get the girl… and if he wants to stay alive.

Oh, and Robert Englund guest-stars as The Vulture!


  1. can i watch this in canada? if so what channel?

  2. The entire season already aired in Canada…months ago.

  3. The entire season already aired on youtube too…

    That’s the problem with airing a TV show about an American superhero outside the United States first.

  4. I’m totally ignoring YouTube. I’d rather watch the show on my high definition TV.

  5. @conor: But you can get HD on Youtube now…

  6. man, I guess i missed it all together. I can never find when these cartoon shows are played in canada. this and brave and the bold.

  7. @TNC: Not as big as on my TV.

  8. Was that a premature ejaculation joke?

  9. @conor: But you can watch a kitty play a piano while watching SSM at the same time.

  10. @ShowNunBatToe: Yep, it was.

    Man, that was another good episode! I loved that it was non-stop action interspersed with great character stuff. I also loved the little touches, like everyone having winter breath when they talked.

  11. was it me or was the animation off. it didn’t look like previous episodes. it looked like the animation department of kim possible animated it. my dvr cut off early-i HATE when that happens- so i wasn’t able to compare it to the previous -AWESOME – kraven episode.

  12. This is such a great show. I’m amazed with every episode. They do a great job of mixing classis Spider-Man mythos with a good modern twist. The personal issues of Peter Parker blend so well with the rest of the story. And the action is damn good.

  13. i love the fact that we are seeing the master planner saga in other media

    PS did any notice that during the group therapy session, when Kraven the Hunter attacks.  the patient wearing the santa hat looked a lot like Cletus Kasady aka carnage