Speaking of Aquaman…

In a move certain iFanboy staffers will love, retrocrush has published a defense of Aquaman.

As they say, sometimes a character, for whatever reason falls out of favor, and then eventually becomes the butt of jokes. Often these jokes take place on the Cartoon Network. But this writer thinks Aquaman has received a raw deal.

It is easy to make fun of a man who talks to fish. But then, he did get grizzled and mean as a catfish.


  1. I love Aquaman!

    I don’t care who knows or makes fun of me because chances are, I’m bigger and stronger than you are.

  2. I still love that old “The State” sketch where they made fun of the Justice League and Michael Ian Black was Superman, giving out assignments and he got to Aquaman and he said…”You just go talk to the fish” and everyone laughed.

    …and that was in 1991….so this has been going on for years

  3. *whistles quietly*

    You know, I should read all that article, but I tend to loose focus and wonder off.

  4. It seems like Aquaman is getting a HUGE raw deal in the DCU right now. He can’t, for whatever reason, appear in any JLU stuff right now, nor can his enemies. He is virtually nonexistant in Infinite Crisis right now. And he has water for a hand.

    I mean, this guy is a frickin JLA original member! (Thanks to JLA: Year One) Even Superman, Batman and/or Wonder Woman can lay claim to that anymore.

    And yet, where is he? Well, on Smallville, from what I hear. I’ve not seen the episode yet, but I hear it got everybody all excited. Groovy, I’m glad to hear it. But I saw the episode with the Flash in it too, and I wasn’t really all that impressed. It payed homage to the past characters without really making a place in the continuity for the Flash.

    That is the ONE singular thing I truely dislike about DC. Because they are corporate, they can’t have too many contradictory characters showing up. So, instead of the spectacular Batman: The Animated Series being rerun or revisited, we get The Batman. Ugh. And Batman’s major villians can’t easily show up on the Justice League cartoon, because it might “confuse” kids who watch the movie, then The Batman, then JLU.

    This from a company who at one time had Infinite Earths.

    Eh. Anyway, Aquaman deserves more respect.