Something is here and it’s in High Definition! And something else is Mini and it’s LAUNCHED!


If you’ve watched today’s episode of iFanboy –– “Wonder Plague” — then you may have noticed something different. The video is sharper! The colors are brighter! Our wretched visages are clearer! That’s because of our first big announcement – iFanboy has gone high definition!

We’ve taken our first step into a larger technological world and its very exciting. Many people have written in asking if we were going to go HD with our show and our standard answer has been “be patient”… well, be patient no more.

The big question for you the viewer – what does this mean for me? Well, it means a better quality video. The flash players on the website are not in HD (though you will notice that they look better because the source material is HD). In order to watch the show in HD you’ll have to download the episode directly (right click and choose “Save As…” and we’ll provide the link on the episode page weekly). Or you can subscribe to the HD feed in your favorite podcast player of choice (it’s not in iTunes yet, but will be early next week, we’ll keep you posted and add the link when its in iTunes)

So now you can download the HD version to watch on your HD television (if you have the proper hookups etc)! Yes, iFanboy has now invaded your living room in all our bearded glory. Look for more ways to get iFanboy in your living room soon as well!


Because you can’t get enough, we’re proud to introduce iFanboy Mini! Every weekday, we’re bringing you just a little something, in a short form video. We’re answering questions, making recommendations, highlighting the shipping lists, talking about the Pick of the Week, or anything else we can think of. The Mini is in all the video formats you know and love, as well as the new High Definition format (Which we strongly recommend) and each episode will be just a few minutes, so it’s just enough to satisfy, but not heavy enough to bog you down. Look for it every morning, and start working just a couple minutes later than normal. The first episode will be available tomorrow.

So, how do you get in on the action? You can either watch it in flash here or at If you’re already subscribed to the video via iTunes or any of the other feeds, just do nothing, and it will download like the normal feed every day. Soon, we’ll have the ability to subscribe to just the weekly show, or just the daily Mini show, or both, but we’re not quite there yet.

More content every day, and high definition video to boot. Thanks to everyone for your support. We hope you enjoy.

iFanboy Mini has Launched! Go check it out >


  1. Yay!  I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I am sure it looks awesome.  Congratulations!

  2. Big announcement in a little package? Hmmm….. I’ve got nothing.

    Can’t wait for the iTunes HD link! Think I’ll download this one directly for now, just to see how it looks.

  3. Sweet. *subscribes*

  4. great, now i have to hear about how "Conor is even MORE AWESOME in HD!"


    congratz i guess.


    as for the "little package" – (and i’m gonna resist the obvious pun) i’m still betting on iphone functionality.


    make it so.



  5. Yes… a mobile version is my guess and I’d be very happy about that.  I won’t be downloading the HD version, my tiny laptop hard drive can’t handle that, but I look forward to seeing if there is a noticable difference in quality for the large quicktime version.

  6. Congrats.  You guys keep making the site stand further and further apart from the rest of the pack.

     And "wretched" is spelled with a "w", not with an "r" and sans "w".

     Keep it up! 

  7. Oh man, that is amazing! You guys keep spoiling us! If other comic sites are Asti, then iFanboy is the champagne (and yet it’s still free!).

    One question; Is the iTunes feed switching automatically, and when it does will it send me the HD vodcas, or do I need to subscribe again?

  8. @Eyun, unfortunately you will need to resubscribe – we’ll post the iTunes link once Apple gets it up..

  9. Will this becomic to the zune or will i have to copy and paste the feed name and stuff…

  10. I’m such a dork, I already thought you guys had made the switch to HD.  Maybe it was just Revision3’s increasing the size of the flash version that got me mixed up  Awesome.

  11. Announcement 2; Josh and his wife are expecting!?

  12. I was hoping for something content driven, but congratulations all the same, lads!

    Small?… So there’s still hope for a raunchy iFanboy TABLE calendar then? Cosplay fantasies for every day of the comic book year! Oh look! Tentacles! Why, that must mean it’s Tuesday!

  13. wheee, HD….I like HD its shiny and prety

  14. @SteveM – You shut your filthy mouth!  😉

    @MikeHaseloff – We’ve only made one of two announcements.

  15. @Guardedmarman We’re in HD only on Quicktime, not WMV yet, but that may be coming – in the meantime the Large WMV file is in the Zune Marketplace –



  16. the mini sounds great. i can’t wait for the darkhawk episode.

    man, cool stuff every day? you guys are the best comic enablers EVER. 

  17. ok – thats an awesome idea.  I really hate waiting for a week to the next full length episode.  This will keep me from strangling my students.  Wait, did I say that?  meh, I’ll probably strangle them anyway. 

  18. Daily iFanboys? Awesome.

  19. YES now I have something to do while I’m at work 12 hours in the middle of the night.

  20. I found iFanboy I believe after the fifth audio show, and in all honesty, it is just really really cool to see the site and this organization just grow and grow. I have the shirt, watch and litsen and will continue to do so. Congrats guys in all honesty

  21. @Josh: Way to telegraph it!

    That’s awesome. Look forward to seeing it all unfold.
    Nice one, guys!

  22. Awesome news guys, this is indeed the year of ifanboy. Looking forward to my daily fix!!


  23. OH COME ON! I already get nothing done because of this site! Now more to keep me from being productive. Great. Just great.

    I’ll GIT you, IFANBOYS!
    There will be rue-ing of days, and stuff.

  24. I have two questions, guys.

    1) Will the HD videocast still play in 5th Gen Video iPods?

    2) Will the HD format be replacing the videocast on iTunes?

  25. 1)  you can still subscribe to the small QT format that plays on your iPod.

    2)  The only thing that will happen in iTunes, or any other feed, is that there will now be an HD feed available, and you’ll have to subscribe to it if you want the HD show.  If you do nothing, nothing will change for you, if that’s  how you want it.

  26. St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t really change so no worries.

    Congratulations on the launch!

  27. way to show up the Pulp Secret guys with their measly step up to three shows a week.(which is awesome tho)

    I say we get this out of the way and have a battle of the all male comic podcasting trios.


    Heres how I lay it out:

    Josh vs. Justin

    Ron vs. Alex

    Connor vs. Pete’Z


    get’it’on ding-ding 

  28. I’m not sure if you guys exist in the same continuity though

  29. @wolf – We do indeed exist in the same continuity:

  30. So, I get to the gym this evening expecting to catch up on the iFanboy videocasts… only to find the that the two I had queued up waiting to watch were replaced by two mini episodes.  Frak!  What shoulda been a good chunk (30 mins at least I hope) of viewing turning into mere minutes.