Something IS coming – UPDATED… AGAIN

We've been busy here at iFanboy. Hang on tight, it will be here soon.

UPDATE #6 – Hi. Ron here again. What a long road it's been. I have to say, I didn't think I'd have posted this many updates. We've had our fun. There have been some laughs, but everything comes to an end. No! iFanboy isn't ending, what are you crazy? It's just beginning! We had hoped we'd have something very special for you by today, but it's not quite done yet. Everyone has been super supportive and we appreciate the "take your time"-esque messages. Josh has some pretty high standards, so some things take longer than others. But fear not true believers! The end is indeed near and if we all can hold on just a little bit longer….

UPDATE #5 – Dearest, most patient iFanboy Faithful: Hi. It's your buddy, Ron. How are you doing? We're doing well. Boy are we busy. You might have noticed this week's podcast hasn't been pushed yet, AND whatever it is we've been tempting you with hasn't made it's presence known. You've been so patient and we really want to thank you for that. Like we said, the wait will be worth it. That said, the podcast (which has nothing to do with what's coming) is indeed on it's way. We got a little distracted and to be honest, I'm still not used to being on West Coast time. So hang in there and we'll be publishing it soon. As for whatever it is that's coming. It's inching ever closer to the finish line. So just a little longer. Feel free to keep speculating though, we love to see what your theories are. Now excuse me, George Lucas' won't stop screaming I mean, I have to get back to work…

UPDATE #4 – Almost There…


UPDATE #3 – It looms on the horizon….

UPDATE #2 – We appreciate how patient everyone has been, we're thoroughly enjoying the speculation, so keep it coming by all means, but we don't want to string you along either. Those long time members of the iFanbase will remember the last time we announced something, we told you it was coming a full week before it happened – so let's just hang in there for a little longer…

UPDATE – So you're all wondering what's coming. Well…something is…but we just need a little more time – so be patient, stay tuned and we'll keep you updated. We think it will be worth the wait.


  1. Oh COME ON!

  2. This popped up at the exact moment I heard you guys mention it on the podcast. It was creepy.

  3. Ooh, I’m excited. =)

  4. looking forward to the surprise

  5. Argh, scary. I refreshed the page and this was here just as you mentioned it in the podcast. Eeep.

  6. God damn guys. I thought it was supposed to be here?

  7. So excited.

  8. Teases!

  9. Is it Voltron???

  10. … I keep refreshing this page… There’s a thing called overhyping you know….

  11. OMG your skrulls.

  12. Ron’s changing his name to Charles Xavier?

  13. Dude………….come on.

  14. Dude, it’s the first iFanboy Rock Band Invitational, isn’t it?

  15. Ugh..all these delays. I’m so close to dropping this site. iFanboy is just too event heavy.

  16. Tease…

  17. Someone’s having someone’s love child?

  18. A new version of the website?

  19. iFanboy magazine!

    Wait, no… VOLTRON!

  20. ifanboy magazine? That would be pretty cool. I’d buy it.

  21. This is worse than a spoiler……

  22. Fred, I’m with you. Pretty sure we’re in for a website revamp. Regardless, the suspense is killing me.

  23. iFanboy becomes iBrubaker? 😉

  24. a new member of the iFanboy family? A new co-host? iFanboy webcomics? Is there gonna be pie? Man, I hope there’s gonna be pie …


    Gordon referenced a new design a couple of weeks ago on Twitter. I’m guessing new site design.

  26. Are you finally announcing that I won the prize pack including the usb dongle?

  27. Is it cupcakes? Please let it be cupcakes.

  28. oh please let there be pie.

    ifanboy – discussion and podcasts about pies

  29. Ha! I wrote mine before I saw Ronin’s post. Apparently we have similar thoughts.

  30. Is it a Red Ryder BB Gun?! Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope!

  31. Oh dear… DOWN WITH

    I like the comics!

  32. I’m a set designer, grigs.

    I was referring to my “other” job.

    Sorry to spoil the spoiler.

  33. A move toward political correctness? iFanperson?

    Personally, I’m against it.
    I have enough trouble trying to relate to Conor’s proud African traditions, and Josh’s womans problems.

    It might be Godzilla!

  34. Why the hell do I read spoilers? Arrg!

  35. A girl comic geek Allie or Rachel joining the podcast?

  36. A wedding! A death! A Resurrection! Oh, the possibilities!

  37. I’m guessing it has something to do with the Cloverfield monster….

  38. I hope that Boobies and mixed drinks are involved…

  39. Robert Kirkman is joining the crew to pay you guys back for all the sales you’ve gotten him?

  40. An iFanboy Crisis!

  41. iFanboy the MMORPG? You create an intern character and travel to different cons accomplish quests for the Conor, Ron, and Josh.

    I can’t wait for this game guys. Will it be Mac compatable?

  42. im listening to an old ifanboy podcast, and i just spit my soda out when i heard ron say “ughhhh oh god, im just sitting here holding my stack, and its like an inch and a half thick! ughhh”

  43. Just when I thought I didn’t have enough to look forward to in my life…

  44. Gabbo?

  45. Are you guys finally going to start your own con. Imagine it iFancon. That would be awsome!!!!!

  46. nothing needs to come. i love this site as is.

  47. I just have to shout out….. Giants baby! Whoo!

  48. Secrecy!


  49. Is it a retcon of the iFanboy origin?

  50. Return of the speculator market!! (Get it, we’re all speculating on what it is)

  51. the questions should be: Who made the deal with Mephisto?

  52. A Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring????

    So we can listen in each week and get hints for the new advertiser/sponser. 😉


  53. Duh, Conor made a deal with the devil so Ron and Josh are now a hot redhead and a hot blond vying for his attention while ooing and awwing about comics. Unfortunately, Conor has no memory of his Giant Cupcake.

  54. Is this gonna take ONE MORE DAY?

  55. new layout ?

  56. YES! YES! YES!

    Let there be pie!

  57. I know what it is — “Conor: The Fragrance.”

  58. Oooh… Cool.

    Conor The Fragrance is much better than the site design I thought was coming.

    This new “something” is a long time coming.

  59. It’d be nice to have some cryptic clues.

  60. Well, “it” IS certainly taking it’s time to get here.

  61. Maybe you should put up coded messages on the backs of blurry photographs that lead us astray from whatever the hell is happening.
    It’ll cause so much tension within iFanboy that one won’t want to be on the team, wants his name removed from the criticsm they lose fans…but then its a brand new day!!

  62. This. Ain’t. Over.

  63. Maybe all of the iFanboy t-shirts have secret powers and they are trying to figure out the activation code to give us super powers. Than take them away a couple weeks later.

  64. Did I miss it? Is there some secret link…

  65. How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

  66. “I know what it is — “Conor: The Fragrance.””

    Ooohhh! I guess that’s what the iFanboy pin-up calendar is promoting! Snap!

  67. If i squint I can see it, and it is both amazing and beautiful.

  68. Man, I hate shipping delays. I don’t understand how you can solicit something and then be unable to deliver it on time.

    It’s like Mighty Avengers all over again.

    Wait a minute! Maybe that’s it. Yeah, the evidence is right in front of us the whole time.

    iFanboys have hired Frank Cho. It explains everything.


    (Just kidding guys. Get it done when you can. We know you have “real” jobs as well.)

  69. You guys are totally going to change the banner, aren’t you.

  70. You guys have brought back speculation.

    Are you proud of yourselves?

  71. I see a sailboat.

  72. A free box of Boo Berry cereal for everyone!!!

  73. i hope this wont rape my childhood like spider-man did

  74. They travel through time and stop Secret Wars from being published

  75. An indepth interview with Britney Spears live from the padded room!!

  76. Finally adding porn to the site..? Cloak & Dagger slash fiction? It seems like a good idea but it gets old fast, I promise.

  77. they are finally going to tell us what “gleaming the cube” means

    Seriously WTF?

  78. did one of you guys make the real world?

  79. It’s only been a couple DAYS….

  80. “It’s only been a couple DAYS….”
    Hey! Those Jenna Jameson competitions don’t write themselves, pally!

  81. Luke Hopkins, I’m ashamed of you! You obviously didn’t watch enough early-90’s Christian Slater teen movies! (just joking mate, never seen it either) 🙂

    Is anyone actually going to apply for that jenna jameson thing? Was this something iFanboy were excited about, or contractually obliged to?

  82. Am I the only one that likes Spider-Man single again??

  83. Nope Joshua from Florida, I love it too.

  84. I have no problem with Spider-man being single, just how he became single….

    Wait now, what kind of sneaky diversion is this?

  85. We’ve voted in change, where are the results? I thought someone was going to make a statement at 11:00 eastern standard. Did iFanboy get the nomination? How many delegates are in Latveria anyway?

  86. considering i was 7 in the early 90’s, yeah i didn’t watch any teen dramas.

  87. What was the last “it’s coming” announcement? Was it the video show? (It was pre-my time)

  88. am i the only one who thought that dude up there’s name was hasselhoff when they looked at it the first time?

  89. I’ve finally figured out what the change is…Josh finally grew facial hair…our boy is growing up so fast…

  90. Josh grew up a long time ago. He has a Green Lantern tatoo. Only a mature adult would have a Green Lantern tatoo. Right?

  91. I’ve got it…in wake of the writer’s strike iFanboy is now a sitcom on NBC. They will be a part of the new, new must see TV. Conor will be played by Vin Diesel, Josh will be played by Kiefer Sutherland, and Ron will be played by Colin Hanks.

    In addition to rating comics, they will be a part of a top secret government organization, and try to balance their crazy love lives, AND trying to keep swarms of geeks from discovering that Joe Quesada is secretly in league with Al Queda to take over the world by reconning Ronald Reagan out of existence…

  92. Wow, there is no bitching about the delay.
    This is the Internet right? Or did I make a wrong turn somehere?

  93. I hope this is better than Cloverfield…

    j/k iFanboy hasn’t ever disappointed me, so I’m sure whatever is cooking, it’s going to be delicious.

  94. GRRRRR

  95. I gotta admit, there’s something about iFanboy pie that just makes my mouth water. Regardless of whatever you guys are scheming (because let’s face it- this much secrecy and speculation has pushed you from”planning” to “scheming”) it could probably be made even better with pie. Preferably apple.

  96. Perhaps iFanboy is trying to take over Yahoo instead of Microsoft? iFanboyahoo! Does kind of have a nice ring to it…. the search engine that only returns comics websites or always redirects to ….ahh…nice plan….

  97. Maybe all of that dating advice has gone to their heads and they’re launching a comic book dating service.

  98. Last two blog posts before this one:

    * Jenna Jameson
    * What’s on your pull list?

    That’s funny.

  99. If it’s a severed head I’m going to be very upset.

  100. Ron, put down the Jenna Jameson comics and get to work.

  101. Is Josh finally marrying Liza Minnelli?

  102. jenna jameson comics aren’t exactly the mind blowing news i was expecting.

  103. Did Conor get a tattoo of the word ‘vittles’???

  104. When their powers combine they can summon Captain Planet?

  105. When their powers combine they can summon Captain Planet?

  106. “iFanboy hasn’t ever disappointed me…”
    Really? I think it’s just been one disappointment after another ever since the tie-fighter…

    @Maynard: I don’t know how to swim, and talking cars are just silly. Only the microwave and percolator talk to me.

  107. iFanboy the comic book?

  108. is going to start having iFanboy clickthroughs now?

  109. Is this the test? How long we keep guessing before you send us all Harry Osborne?

    Is this the next series of Big Brother and no one told us?!

  110. Hmmmm, I’m gunna take another guess and say we are getting an updated website with personal logins’, not only that, but the “What’s on your pull list?” section will have check boxes so we can all see what we are all reading; this will also be able to be updated during the week, but any additions will go under a sub-heading of an unknown name but could be something like, “Oh I was conned by the shady comic clerk and now I’m missing more money”?, and thus the site will be able to determine which books are mostly read by the iFanboy fanbase, which also leads to an Overall User based Pick of the Week that is generated by people selecting their personal top books of the week ranking 1-5 (1 = best).

    No? Ah well…. but I bet you wish you had thought of it…. AND implemented it

  111. is it a puppy?

  112. Pie? Rhubarb pie? hmmm… Or a user generated comic rating system… Whatever it is, I’ll be stoked to find out.

  113. After the iFanboy crisis can I be the Klarion the Witch Boy II?

  114. Ron, more Red Bulls until you get this done!!

  115. There is no more iFanboy.(But not really. It’s only to fool Tony Stark, so he won’t make them register their mutant powers.)


    Along with Chuck Norris, they are supporting Mike Huckabee.

  116. iFanboy will be having its own One More Day, and we will witness the trinity of iFanboy revert to there highschool youth.

    How will they juggle prom AND podcasting??

  117. Is this what it was like reading Civil War? C’mon guys, the wait’s killing me!

  118. Update #3 should be a picture of the punisher fighting Gordon

  119. I like luke Batt’s idea. I think a weekly, server generated Pull List pole to see the most popular iFanbase titles would be pretty cool.

  120. any word on Y the Last Man getting the hardcover treatment?? I know Wanted is getting such b/c of the movie and word is the Holes/I Robot/Constantine/Bobby/Disturbia/Transformes/Indiana Jones kid(yeah yeah I can’t spell his name) is being approached with playing in the Y movie.

  121. Man, I had a dream last night that the site got a complete design overhaul. Your new logo looked like the JSA logo.

    I’m such a lame-o.

  122. I think I’m slowly going from anticipation and speculation to not really caring at this point.

    Man. It IS like Civil War all over again…

  123. Ifanboy Comic Book Store?

  124. OMG! I got it!

    Let me just say that I think your idea of a “Michael Turner is NOT amazing” section is COMPLETELY un-called for 😉 Why would you hype that up, to further your own agender?! 😀

  125. My money is on the ifanboy comic company. The whole site and podcast and videocast were just tools to lure us and various comic creators in to buy their books or work for them at dime an hour. We can’t stop it either, because they’ll slap on their hypnotic puppy dog eyes and say “hey want buy my book” or “can you finish it by noon”. It was the perfect plan but you were no match for Tony from Queens.

  126. “Something IS coming” …is it Galactus? (shudders)

  127. Let me guess…you’re all finally admitting that you’re gay lovers??

  128. Tony,

    We won’t even need puppy dog eyes. Our comics are going to be AWESOME!

    I’ve said too much…

  129. Ohhhhh….. so it’s a new comic book theme for the site and cartoon intro for the vidcast with the three of you in the guise of Superheroes and Gordon as a sidkick, GENIUS!

  130. “It looms on the horizon….”

    CRAP! It is Galactus!

  131. IFanboy arranged the end of the Writers’ Strike! Thanks guys, we really appreciate that out here.

  132. Gah lak tus?

    OH NOES.

    Or it has to do with the show coming out today.

  133. Does that mean that Conor is the Silver Surfer?

  134. Well, they’re both bald….

  135. Then again, so is the Watcher…
    I’m assuming “It looms on the horizon” means that it is coming tomorrow morning. In that case, it should really make my Monday mornings interesting.

    We shall see…

  136. Refresh, no update. Damn.
    Refresh, no update. Damn.
    Refresh, no update. Damn.
    Refresh, no update. Damn.
    Refresh, no update. Damn.

    This has been the past week of my life.

  137. at this point, i think they are enjoying making us wait!

  138. from the way this announcement has been presented I’m thinking Joe Q is joining the team

  139. in the words of flava flav, “dont dont dont belive the hype!’

    ….jk seriously cant wait to find out what IT is that is looming on my horizon.

  140. “at this point, I think they are enjoying making us wait!”

    Yeah, probably, but who can blame them? With everyone’s crazy and damn funny ideas, this has been one of the most entertaining threads I’ve read in ages!

  141. “LOOSEN UP!”

    Very funny guys.

  142. Suddenly everybody makin’ Viral marketing.
    I dont know if the video will fit into the whole piece or will it just be a fanservice thing ?

  143. We’re all getting Star Wars arcade machines? AWESOME. You’re my favorite podcasters for a reason!

  144. I fairly bristle with anticipation.

  145. I’m hoping for iFanboy action figures, with kung-fu grip

  146. AAAAHHHHHHHHH I check like a million times daily waiting to see what you rascals have in store and I still get NOTHING!!!

  147. Hurry! The F5 button on my keyboard is starting to give out!

  148. Holy moley! I had no idea the F5 button did that!

  149. Blue Harvest: The Ifanboy Star Wars Musical Parody Special? Starring Conor as Chewie, Josh as Lando and Ron as the Rancor Keeper? featuring Gordon the intern as Greedo?…..wishful thinking.

  150. That last update made it all worth it.

  151. I know — it’s a very special iFanboy podcast where Josh and Conor confront Ron over his abuse of quaaludes.

  152. “Did it go in?”

    -“Negative, it just impacted on the surface…”

    Star Wars quotes, or dirty pillow talk? You decide.

  153. Can’t you just make the new design into Ultimate iFanboy? I like the design the way it is and want to continue with it; I’m afraid Ultimate iFanboy is going to pander too much to younger readers, or to older readers with an insatiable need for faux-teenager dialogue written by guys in their 40s.

    Ultimate Josh might be interesting to follow, though, if it shows the character before he became so disillusioned with life.

  154. they kidnapped George Lucas…………

  155. Something to do with Mark Hamil, perhaps? He’s a big comic book collector. Interview or even a guest host? Eh? EH?

  156. I know there changing their name to!

  157. They’re starring in the Fanboys movie.

  158. I was going to guess snazzy new banner…but now I just want pie…

  159. You guys have to ifanbase to the ifandath star?!

  160. Please let George Lucas go! On second thought….keep him.

  161. Getnlemen, we all know you have actual lives and responsibilities, sp get to to it when you can……. that is, unless ifanboy has become your full time gig 🙂

  162. The fourth Ifanboy… Made from DNA of you three.

  163. I got it! A certain third of the ifanboy trio has moved to Cali, but will be green-screened into all future video podcasts! (a la George Lucas)!

  164. An iFanboy video game perhaps……..

  165. Does anyone actually still care about George Lucas anymore?

  166. > The fourth Ifanboy… Made from DNA of you three.

    The Serpentor of comics!

  167. I’m sure whatever it is will be worth it. iFanboy hasn’t let me down yet. I have faith.

    Better to take your time and do it right than rush and do it wrong. — My Mom

  168. I’ve got it all the updates, teasers, and over hyping it isn’t a comic book company. its countdown to final ifanboy.

    “some readers are fans, few are ifanboy”

    coming to a Ipod near you.


    Maybe if we all donate money, it will go faster?

  170. ifanboy is making making a bid for Around Comics to consolidate their power even further.

  171. Ron, I trust you buddy, and it’s apparent the hours you guys have put into this are above and beyond the call of duty.

    The theories have been fun, but I think we’re all more than willing to wait for something cool. I think a lot of sites could learn from how cool the community is here.

  172. i eat podcast

  173. what up with the new logo on the podcast

  174. I believe the NEW LAYOUT will be awesome. Keep working hard guys.

    I am an Ifanboy faithful, I trust you.

  175. Podcast playing now in the forums