So… How ‘Bout that ‘Robin’?

Since last week’s Pick of the Week seemingly turned a lot of people on to Robin, we thought we’d point to you to a couple of interviews with series writer, Adam Beechen, who will of course be on hand for the Tiki Tour at Wonder Con this weekend. So here’s one from CBR, and here’s another from Comicon.

And to those of you who picked up the book for the first time, what did you think? Anyone not like it? Anyone surprised?


  1. Damnit, I knew I forgot to pick something up today.

  2. I picked it up today while getting my weeklys. I’m going to read it when I get home tonight.

  3. I actually went back and bought it today since I only had three books to get, I may not buy it monthly, but I’ll definitely be giving it a look every time it comes out

  4. Got it today after last week’s review and it was badass! I’m definitely adding this to my monthly books now.

    After hearing so much discussion about it, I wasn’t too surprised by anything. I thought Beechen’s Batman was really good, like when he mentions, “There’s 35 ways to take out…” Very classic.

    The art was great too. I want to date Zo (as lame as that sounds) and his Batman and Robin were very well drawn.

    Overall, it was awesome! (there Ron, I’m picking up the slack) 🙂

  5. I think I heard an interview on fanboy radio with the artist. Quite good even if I had never heard of him. He does all drawings in the computer. Wha!?

  6. Ok, so I thought it was a great story, as you guys said. Tim Drake is an interesting character, especially in his sequences with Batman. I loved how he was more than willing to take Bruce down a notch or two. Not sure if it’s hooked me, but I’ll definitely flip through the next issue and consider it.

    One small irk: The girl’s dad is a chemist for a pharmaceutical company, which is an obvious setup. But are supervillains really being made still by dumping random chemicals on them? Seems a little hokey to me. Granted, it didn’t happen in this issue so we’ll see, but it got me a little on edge.

  7. Finally went to the store and picked up Robin #157-159 and damn. This is right up there with Teen Titans.

  8. I just picked it up from Conor saying it was like Ultimate Spier-Man and it really was. The Batman/Robin relationship in this is kinda similar to Spideys relationship with Nick Fury.