Sneak Preview: Iron Man: Extremis Motion Comic Episode #3

With Iron Man mania sweeping the nation, the next episode of the motion comic Iron Man: Extremis is set to release tomorrow.  Marvel has provided us with a sneak peek to what's billed to be one of the most violent episodes of the series. 

If you're a fan of the Marvel motion comics, take a listen to our exclusive interview with Ruwan Jayatilleke of the Iron Man: Extremis motion comic team! 

For more info on Iron Man: Extremis head over to Marvel or you can get the episode on iTunes, XBox360 or the PlayStation Network.

Marvel provided the following information about this episode:
Experience Iron Man in a whole new way – IRON MAN: EXTREMIS Motion Comic.  From the story by Warren Ellis & Adi Granov, this incredible epic blends seamless motion, dynamic voice acting, and stunning special effects, bringing to life the story that redefined Iron Man for the 21st Century.  Now you can get a sneak peek at the third episode of this breathtaking visual breakthrough in motion comics! IRON MAN EXTREMIS episode 3 goes on-sale Wednesday, May 12th!


  1. What about this makes it a "COMIC"?  Is it because there’s superheroes in it?  Someone tell these guys that comics are a medium and not a genre.  I guess "Check out the new Iron Man: Extremis, half-3D-half-badly-animated-50’s-reject-cartoon." doesn’t exactly roll off the tounge.  I actually LIKE the idea of motion comics.  I thought the Watchmen one was boss!  But this is in NO WAY a comic.  It is a bad cartoon with swipes from the comic.  NOT where we should be headed in the digital space.

  2. what makes it a comic is because it’s based on a comic book story and lift a fair amount og imagery from it. i disagree it’s half-badly animated i think the feedback and the sales say otherwise.

    i liked Watchmen as well but it was like book on CD with pictures…which brings back fond memories of old school cartoons that had basic animation techniques. and it was funny hearing a guy narrate multiple female voices… 

    Extremis’s story and art are quite good. the animation is pretty top-notch and so is the voice-acting and score. i get it you don’t like us pushing this close to traditional animation.

    however this is where Marvel is headed in the digital space regarding motion comics and until other companies or content holders enter this aspect of animation and try to define it, Marvel is setting the expectations as well as how the content is programmed out to consumers.

    while i can respect your opinion, i am not really sure why you are so hyped up to put down a lot of hard work by a bunch of talented folks. hopefully you’ll give Extremis another chance. if not, no worries…we seem to be hitting our stride with motion comics.



  3. It is a hell of a lot better looking than Watchmen was.

  4. Goaler31 – stayed tuned until tomorrow where you can hear ALOT more about Marvel’s Motion Comics from Ruwan…

  5. Ruwan – I’m sorry, I KNOW how much work goes into something like this (I do animation work myself and teach a college class in After Effects).  My ‘half-3D-half-badly-animated" comment was regretably snarky.  But here’s where I stand by my comment… I truly believe there is a place for "Motion Comics" and this just ISN’T one.  There is so much going on in this, including a fully-rendered 3D Iron Man, that it’s lost all sense of being, or ever having been, a comic book.  It crosses so far over the line into animation that all sense of comic book storytelling (i.e. presenting the reader with limited imagry and WORDS and allowing them connect them to build the action). At the same time, it doesn’t go far ENOUGH to be considered a full-blow cartoon.  This is nicely animated, but it’s not Disney by any stretch.  

    Josh – whether or not it’s "better-looking" than Watchmen depends largely on whether or not you prefer Adi Granov to Dave Gibbons.  But as far as the animation style goes, yes there’s more motion, yes there’s more voices, and all of this is good if you’re looking for a good cartoon but that’s not what I want.  I want a Motion Comic and I think the Watchmen execution proves that such a thing can exist.  This just proves that comic stories can make good cartoons, which we already know.  

    I LOVE audiobooks because they present the original material in a different way but one that preserves the original intent.  This is what I want to see in a MOTION COMIC.  There is plenty of room for animated adaptations of comic books, but I believe there is a place for real motion comics as well and that means being able to distinguish between the two.