Sneak Peek: Cover of Final Fear Agent Trade

Series writer Rick Remender felt compelled to share the cover to the final collection of Fear Agent stories, drawn by Jerome Opeña, with colors by Matthew Wilson, and it's pretty clear why. As far as I'm concerned, this image is painfully special, and so well done on every level.


I think I'm gonna miss Heath like Heath misses Char.

Hey, while we're at it, take a look at this equally gorgeous cover Tony Moore did for the final issue of Fear Agent. I'm getting sad over here.


  1. Very sad to see this series end, but man that is one amazing piece for the final trade.  I’ve been reading this last storyline in issues, but I will definitely buy the trade to go along with the others.  Because I’m weak, I will also buy the eventual omnibus.

  2. Oh…oh my…

  3. I have heard a ton about Fear Agent so I picked up a trade at my LCS.
    I enjoyed it but don’t really know where it fits. I would like to start at the begining. What is the Starting point/Order of the series?

  4. Looking forward to this!

    @RobotZombie start with the vol 1 trade, Re-Ignition.

  5. That’s a beautiful cover for #32! Nice work from Tony Moore as usual!

    Any word on when this will be hitting shelves?

  6. The art is SO amazing, I love this stuff.

  7. I’ve got this storyline staked up and waiting to read once it’s all released. Not to brag, but I’ve been there since the start and thoroughly enjoy this series.

  8. Very sad to see Heath go. I hope some sort of omnibus is coming up.

  9. That Fabio Moon art from the Dark Horse Presents would be great for a fear agent cover or “Tales” story

  10. Beautiful, both of them.